Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Enemy on the Horizon

There is a palpable fear along the southern coast of Cavenderia as reports of marauding Corsairs from the Deylicate of Bizerrca have reached the populous. IR-8 Jung is on full alert for possible raids upon the southern coast.

Secretly, Prinz Geoffrey craves an opportunity to test his newly reformed army but needs a justifiable cause to declare war.

If the Dey wishes his demise, one could think of no more certain a doom than to place unholy Bizerrcan feet upon Cavenderian soil.

I would like to thank the folks at EvE for facilitating an enemy for Cavenderia. I look forward to painting up some Turkish enemies and am looking for input from his lordship Herzog Ignaz. I am ordering some 15mm Old glory Austrians and Ottomans right now in order to do a skirmish "raid" scenario.

Which of the likely figures would be sent to raid Cavenderia?

1. Anatolian Delis
2. Anatolian Sekan
3. Bazi Bazouks
4. European Delis
5. European Sekans
6. Janissaries
7. Nizzam
8. Sipahi
9. tartars

These are the ranges offered from OG which would be the best for the raid. Total newbie as it goes with turks.


MurdocK said...

CAVENDERIA has a natural ally!

The Duchy of Mieczyslaw is pleased to announce such an association as it would appear that the Khanate of Dobrudshiva has made declarations of hostility toward Cavenderia!

Long Live Prinz Geoffrey!

MurdocK said...

Seeing the horizon:

I noted that on the EvE blog that you did not know of the BIG map.

Version 7 is the current one so that I know where you want to be I can include it in the next edition.

MurdocK said...

IN direct answer to your question:

4. European Delis
5. European Sekans

Never would these appear in a 'raid'
6. Janissaries

They are the 'elite' (in their minds) and are beneath such things...though they did burn Istanbul a number of times, like whenever their 'elite' status was challenged.

Herzog Ignaz said...

His eminence has made his ultimatum:

Herzog Ignaz said...

I would think that the buccaneers would resemble Bashi-Bazouks in most respects: freebooting rabble at sea or ashore.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Cool I look forward to seeing the big map and painting up the ottomans. I will order the Bashi-Bozouks and solicite information on how to paint them when they arrive. If you guys have any resources on ottomans let me know.


Fitz-Badger said...

As an old Tintin fan I would have to go with Bashi-Bazouks, if only for the sake of Captain Haddock.
Sounds like things are getting interesting in Cavenderia!