Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday night gaming

Tragedy on Friday night. My Crusader Miniatures, Austrian general miniatures arrived today. When I opened the package the general on horse back waving his hat had a completely flat pig nose. This was the mini I was most excited about painting. I wonder if I can send the one miniature back so I can paint the standing figure or if I will need to send them all back in order to get a new pack. I am not that pleased with Old Glory right now. When I ordered the figs I received a message on my answering machine saying that the expiration date I put in for my credit card 09-09 was past expiration, unless they are from the future this is impossible. Once that was straightened out the status on my order did not change from pending, so I was not certain when it shipped and then when the figs arrived one of the figures is misshapen. I will publish a picture of the figure when I get the camera from work next week. I am pretty forgiving and as long as they send me the figure without having to pay a bunch of postage I will be happy. As far as the figures that were correct they are very nice and well proportioned . They do not have many folds in the cloth so they will take a little extra effort to paint but I am excited about painting some larger figs. I usually order through and they do a pretty good job. I am itching to paint one of the other miniatures but I am afraid I will need to send them all back to get a new blister. So I will postpone painting the minis until I contact Old Glory to see about their return policy.

On a flag design note I emailed David from Not by Appointment and sent him some preliminary drawings of the Cavenderia Regimental and Leib battalion standards. I look forward to seeing what he can do with them.

This weekend is Char Con in Charleston, West Virginia and I am going this Sunday. The Con is ran by The Kanawha Riflemen a nice bunch of guys and I look forward to seeing their Gettysburg 15mm game. I will try and get some pictures. Last year I meat Dean Rapp who is a gaming terrain distributor, I found out he was into AWI and I sent him a bunch of Jeff Valiant studio 15mm figs I had lying around for some Karma points.

Oh well rambling on tonight. Will keep everyone posted on how Old Glory deals with the mini.



Jerry said...

What they should do is send you a new figure without you having to send anything back.

Fitz-Badger said...

As Jerry said. This is what other companies have done for me when there was a minor problem with an order and they have usually gotten the correction mailed very quickly.