Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ladika Hussars

Allow me to introduce the uniform of the Ladika Hussars. The colors are loosely based upon the Georgian Hussars that served in the Russian army during the Seven Years' War. Brown bearskin cap with red hatbag, yellow dolmen and pelise, trimmed in black fur. Red pants with vertical yellow stripe (on the miniatures not the picture). Shabraque blue with red border and yellow trim. This is the brightest uniform yet in Cavenderia, this squadron will not be good at night raids. I started painting the unit yesterday and hope to have them completed by the weekend. The Ladika Hussars will be advance scouting the road during the upcoming trip by Prinz Geoffrey to the festival in Twinj in an upcoming scenario. I still am not happy with the way I paint red, these Hussars will give me some more practice. I completed one as a test and he looks pretty good. Will post pictures soon.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Venesian Privateers

Colonel Jung, dressed in sturdy brown civilian clothing, crossed the Cetina River into Omis. The trip had taken most of the day but had been very pleasant. He had spent time travelling with a merchant who had told him that one of the Prinzessin’s own guard had been killed by Bashi Bazouks only a day’s ride south of Omis.

“Awfully far inland, I suppose they could have travelled up river? We should be more prepared!” he thought.

The sun setting over the Adriatic was beautiful, the glow of the red clouds brought a smile to the old sailor’s eyes but thoughts of his mission quickly erased it. He had been a “privateer” once, now he was a Colonel, a rich man, an important man, but even now his ignoble past set his course. Omis had been a home for pirates as far back as the 12th century, however it’s golden age had passed and was now a mere shadow of its’ former self.

“Why should the Prinz have a soft spot in his heart for old pirates? It has served my career well by why this Dukas, why risk so much for a man he has never met?”

The Colonel dismounted and walked towards the river, he approached a squat terracotta building with an old wooden sign decorated with a monkey riding a cow. The tavern was small and dingy but a wonderful aroma permeated from the kitchen. A portly woman with brown hair and hands that looked like they could crack walnuts approached him.

“Care for some prsut (PURR-shoot) sir?”

He was a bit hungry and his “guests” would not arrive for a while longer,

“Yes, that would be fine, and an herb brandy.”

Colonel Jung had hand-picked the captains he would approach, Venesians to a man, and as cut-throat a bunch as one would ever care to meet. Ugo da Padova, Este Greco, Nuncio Sanuto and Ilario Zancani. Surely one or two of the captains could be bought.

The moon crawled into the sky and the Venesian captains arrived per the appointed time.

Only upon swearing an oath of secrecy did Colonel Jung explain, in great detail, the Prinz’s plan to intercept the ship transporting Spyridon Dukas from Bizerrca to Morea, the need for absolute secrecy and the reward offered to the captain that could produce Dukas on the Cavenderian coast. The captains in turn informed the Colonel of the recently arrived Morean gunboats in Taranto. The captains and colonel discussed the risk and rewards associated into the wee hours of the morning.

By morning it was done, Captain Greco was to sail to Bizerrca immediately to gather information and rendezvous with Sanuto upon Dukas departure. Captains da Padova and Zancani were to shadow the Morean gun boats in case of intervention. All ships would fly under their own colors and only Sanuto’s crew would know the prize they sought. All took an oath to fulfill their obligations and in turn each was offered holdings in Cavenderia upon completion of the task. As a show of faith, each captain was given a new pistol and a bag of coin.

Colonel Jung thought, “I hope this cur is worth the price”

Monday, February 23, 2009

Colonel Jalsevic and Trouble near Zigvoz

Introducing, Colonel Jalsevic, commanding officer of his majesty's "royal" regiment IR-Die Dame's FuB.

General Jalsevic is the 15mm Old Glory Hungarian Fusilier Colonel figure that came with my recently purchased pack. He was missing a horse so he commandeered a horse from the Hussar package.

The Colonel in review of IR-2 Prinz Geoffrey and IR-4 Fitzgerald. I am currently working on IR-1 Die Dame's FuB.

Fun picture of the Colonel at the head of a line formation. I am not sure that Colonel figures are used in Warfare in the Age of Reason so I may promote him or just use him as eye candy attached to the "royal" regiments.

Meanwhile near Zigvoz, the first military casualty of the Bizerrcan/Cavenderian conflict has been struck as a members of IR-1 were scouting the route from the palace to Twinj on a security detail and poor Private Culig, who had wandered away from the rest of the company to answer nature's call stumbled across a Bashi foraging party near Zigvoz. Needless to say the Bashi's dispatched him with an arrow and were away before the rest of the company was aware. Upon finding Private Culig's body the company headed to Zigvoz and found one villager dead and livestock taken. Bashi raids this close to the Prinz's proposed route to Twinj have caused an increase in patrolling by the Hussars along the coast.

Poor Private Culig, we barely knew thee.... R.I.P.
I got quite a bit of painting done this weekend on my 28mm Bavarians but nothing complete, assembly line style. In 15mm world, I had to paint up this casualty fig, too cool. I was thinking of including him in the unit proper as this would look dramatic but may use him only as a marker piece as that stand would be useless for parade pictures. What do other do with these type of figures? I will try and put up a design for some Cavenderian Hussars and get them painted this week and I am going to complete the Duchess for the SYW association game and gets some pics up soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey (15mm Old Glory)

I completed the second 15mm Old Glory Battalion for Warfare in the Age of Reason last night. Presenting IR-Prinz Geoffrey. I will have to invent a name for the Colonel as the Prinz will most likely lead the Cavnderian Army. Regretfully I did not have a flag to put with the unit when I took the pictures. They were Hungarian style uniforms. I am not overly pleased with my painting of red on the uniforms. I have never painted red well, but I still try. The ensigns face seems misshapen in this photo.

View from the other side, very strange pose for the ensign with his hand behind his back or is it just me? I now think I should have painted the drummers swallows nest green to match the undercoat, oh well there is always another battalion.

Front view of the battalion, i do like the officer waving his hat.

IR-3 and IR-4 Fitzgerald, I think the "royal" regiments will stand out quite nicely. Really need to print out that flag today. I am thinking of designing one more flag specifically for the Prinz's Regiment.

One more picture for fun. I hope this strikes some fear into the Dey. I will be working on finishing IR- Jung and probably will then work on IR-von Bear. I am starting to design the Hussar uniforms and will post them soon. Finally, will be working on my 28mm Bavarians and the Duchess for the SYW convention.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hungarian Uniforms for Cavenderia

I have re-designed the uniforms for the Cavenderian "royal" regiments IR-1 Die Dame FuB and IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey. As I have collaborated with fellow imagi-nation rulers in placeing Cavenderia geographically within the Dalmatian coast I thought the Cavenderian army should have a bit more exotic feel to it than originally planned. Therefore here are some templates of the two (2) new Hungarian fusilier regiments for Cavenderia.

IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey is to the left. I received my Hungarian 15mm Fusilier and Hussar packages from two (2) days ago and have since base-coated and applied the flesh, green and white to the regiment including highlighting, I should have some pics up by this weekend. I went with white coats for the royal regiments, I think this will really make them stand out in the battle line.

To the left is IR-1 Die Dame FuB originally designed by my wife with leather lapels, they now have the Hungarian style coat with Cavenderian blue pants and small clothes.

I intend on finishing out the "German" regiments including the internet submitted regiments, i.e. Von Bear, Aurora, etc. before filling out the force with Croats.

The hussar figures I received also look pretty good, but I may opt for Eureka Hussars in the future. Will try and post some pictures soon.

One last thought I am trying to re-evaluate how many troops Cavenderia could field for it's population.


Monday, February 16, 2009

On the workbench

This is my first completed 15mm unit for Warfare in the Age of Reason rules. The minis are Old Glory, the bases are Wargame Accessories 3/4" x 1" metal bases ordered from
Scale Creep Miniatures The flag is by David of Not by Appointment blog fame. This unit was originally going to be IR-Prinz Geoffrey, however I have ordered Hungarian style fusiliers for the Cavenderian "Royal" regiments

Therefore this will be IR-Fitzgerald, originally designed with green coats now replaced with green lapels. I used reverse colors on the Drummer. The picture to the left has four (4)stands, one from the second battalion. Eventually I want each battalion to have five (5) stands but I want to play soon so for now three (3), but I thought it looked nice.
The unit carries the "Leibfahnne" or Life flag as the first battalion of the regiment. I particularly like the accusatory flag bearer, "hey you, yeah you, we're going to get you lads!"
Next up, Cavenderian diplomats in assembly line fashion.

I need some help with these Anatolian Sekhans, part of the Deylicate of Bizzerca's forces. I need some help on uniform ideas for the first three from the left and is that an arquebus the last guy is carrying?

In 28mm "Bring your own Battalion" SYW convention news, I have received my Front Rank Figurines finials from Triangle Miniatures of North Carolina, and my Bavarian flags from Vaubanner Graphics of Canada. // You can see the flags in the background but I did not want to make them too clear in case of copyright issues, they look pretty good in person.

I am trying something differnt with the artillery basing. I have placed each crewman on his base so when they are placed together with a couple of blank bases the cannon can be placed and it will make a nice diorama. I have questions on crew placement. I am pretty sure the crewman are in the proper positions except for the artillery fusilier with the bucket. Let me know if he should be in the front or is o.k. there.

Side shot of artillery crew. All Crusader Miniatures, Wargame Accessories metal bases 1" x 1". I will texture the bases later similar to the way I textured the 15mm bases above.

While purchasing my flag tops, I also picked up the Front Rank Dragoon Officer at the left unfinished. I thought he looked a bit large so I set him next to some Crusader generals. I do not think it will matter as long as I do not mix him in. I thought he looked like the picture Der Alte Fritz posted of the Bavarian General on Emperor vs. Elector blog and may use him as my IR-Kuprinz commander if not he may be headed to Tradgardland as a life-guard member.

Left: Front Rank
Right: Crusader

Finally, played a nice fantasy wargame last weekend, a set of rules my friend Ray wrote and sales at conventions, will have to get a link to it, Wardogs I think. Really enjoyed it, universal fantasy skirmish game you can use any figs you want, so I was digging around my box of misfit toys and found what looks like an elf in a Chevalier uniform with a musket on his back and I have no idea who makes this fig. I bought it out of a pile of lead at the back of a hobby store. If anyone can identify this mini please let me know as I would like a few more for my fantasy stuff. He is a little large probably 30mm.

Another view.

Final note: Things are heating up in the Adriatic, I am currently working with Paul (Deylicate of Bizerrca) and Konstantinos (Principality of Morea) on a Naval battle pitting some Cavenderian privateers attempting to rescue Spyridan Dukas from the Morean feet, probably not a very bright idea by Prinz Geoffrey, I am beginning to worry about his decision making skills.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tides of War?

The sky was a brilliant blue and a warm sea breeze kissed his cheek as Detlev stepped from the coach. The long trip to Spilt had been quite enjoyable, a pleasant escape from his responsibilities planning the Prinz’s trip to Twinj. As he breathed in the salty air, an officer in the dress of Regiment Jung, a dark green coat and olive lapels, approached and spoke, “Signori Eberhardt, my Colonel has requested an audience with you prior to your inspection of the merchant fleet.” Detlev could detect a slight Venetian accent.

Detlev was scheduled to meet with Colonel Jung for dinner that evening, the expediency of this request was somewhat unsettling, “I accept your colonel’s invitation, if you would lead the way Sir.” What could not wait until dinner?

Colonel Jung was quite well known in Cavenderia. The Colonel, sometimes still referred to as Captain, began his military career as a smuggler and privateer making his fortune on the high seas and eventually being bought into Imperial service. Colonel Jung was known more for his charismatic leadership and luck rather than his tactical abilities, however, Jung could get his men to follow him into the abyss and mostly brought them back.

After his naval career had brought him wealth and notoriety, Jung had charmed the Prinz with his tales of daring and battle managing to convince the Prinz that he should be allowed to raise a company of marines to protect Cavenderia’s merchant fleet. Forming his leadership Cadre from foreign sailors, Jung put his press gangs to work and quickly built his company of marines into a regiment of foot, which was now responsible not only for the protection of the merchant fleet but of the coastline about Spilt as well. It had been Jung who had received the Dey’s ultimatum and whose men were now on constant patrol, responding to raids by the Dey’s Bashi Bazouks.

Spilt was a magnificent fortified port which Cavenderia inherited upon Imperial conquest. As with most of the Cavenderian coast Spilt was a melting pot of cultures and religions as her lands had been the possession of many a country. Detlev never tired of visiting this ancient port. The two men approached an old stone tower dominating the skyline, entered and began to ascend the stairs.

Perhaps, Colonel Jung has received another message from the Bizerrcans!

Detlev reached the top of the stairs as the officer moved to his left and opened a small wooden door. Detlev lowered his head and entered. Detlev never tired of the breathtaking view which now assailed his eyes. Hundreds of sailing ships of all sizes and color filled the large window at the rear of the office and beyond that the brilliant green sea.

Colonel Jung, a tall gray-haired gentleman with a handsome scar on his left cheek spoke, “Wilkommen Herr Eberhardt, wunderschone Tag jah!” the voice was percussive and clipped in the Germanic style.

Beautiful day indeed, Detlev thought but for some reason he detected a bit of melancholy in the Colonel’s words. “We were scheduled to dine this evening, am I in err to assume that you posses some urgent news?” Detlev knew by the sobering expression on the Colonel’s face that this was not going to be a regular business meeting.

“I have been in the employ of Cavenderia for some time now and can truthfully say am loyal to her and the Prinz, in my youth I was reckless holding allegiance only to coin, always looking to prove myself and acquire more wealth, as an older man I have become comfortable and fat and do not wish to see that upset.” Detlev began to wonder where the conversation was heading.

“It is a necessary evil that I remain in contact with some ignoble characters in order to buy Cavenderian commerce protection; it is this ability which has helped to keep Cavenderian ships from plunder and that same ability which has elicited a request from his majesty.” Colonel Jung offered Detlev a glass and produced a jug of rum.

Detlev politely refused, “my apologies I must still inspect our fleets.”

Colonel Jung continued, “The Prinz’s courier arrived two nights ago, I have been instructed to contact certain fellows and offer them a Letter of Marque in exchange for performing a service for Cavenderia.” Detlev began to grind his teeth,

The Colonel leaned forward and let out a conspiratorial whisper, “The Prinz wishes to see the Morean, Spyridon Dukas, rescued.” Detlev could not believe his ears,

“I suppose a sufficient fleet could be underway in as little as a week.” The Colonel took a draught.

This is madness, unadulterated madness. “Why do you tell me this Herr Colonel, am I to be privy to this message?”

“I am telling you because I am loyal to the Prinz and will carry out any act he requires, without question, even if the orders are folly. That being said, fighting the enemy is how I have made my living, not having to fight two would not offend my sense of pride at all.”

Detlev mulled over the Colonel’s words and pushed his glass toward the bottle of rum, “One for the road Herr Colonel?”

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Direction for Gaming

Just a quick blog today, I am still working on the BYOB Bavarian battalion, I ordered flags from Vaubanner Graphics. Service and communication was great, I look forward to seeing the flags. I am going to order the flag pole tops from Triangle miniatures as they carry Front Rank here in the US. I will post pics as they progress, since the power outage I have not had much time to paint, however did manage a few 15mm old glory Cavenderian IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey which lead to an epiphany.

I have decided in order to expedite my gaming I am going to adopt the following and build up from there. Our enemy is Bizerrca and I only have Ottomans in 15mm therefore I am going to focus on painting up Cavenderians and Bizerrcans in 15mm. I have decided to play with Warfare in the Age of Reason rules as this is battalion level and will allow me to field smaller forces. However, I am a fan of the Napoleons battle basing, four figs, two ranks. I will start with 12 man battalions and 16 man Turkish mobs. This will allow me to actually play some games soon. Ultimately I would like each stand to represent a company, i.e. 5 stands of fusilier and one stand of grenadier per battalion. That way I could take two grenadier stand from two regiments and form a grenadier battalion of four stands, which would be close to the size of the 5 stand fusilier battalions. The ottomans will grow over time as well to approximately 8 - 9 stands per unit.

I hope to have some pictures up soon. I will try and get some of the Anatolian sekhans painted up this weekend and some based 15mm pics up. One last note, I may be converting the two royal Infantry regiments IR-1 and IR-3 to Austrian Hungarian style infantry as I have decided that Cavenderia will host more irregular looking troops.