Monday, October 13, 2008

First Mustered Troops and Flag News

To the left is the very first Cavenderia Trooper ever painted. He is a trooper of IR-1 Die Dame FuB. I wanted to test the blue for the coat and it turned out just the shade I was looking for. The miniature is a 18mm Eureka Austrian. I like the look of the Eureka miniatures quite a bit. The miniature was base coated with an enamal black spray paint. I use cheap crafting paints such as apple barrel. I did however use Steve Dallimore's foundry painting system book to try and match up the colors for the blue and red. I will list a detailed list of paints and probably do a step by step in a future blog. Next picture is a photo of some more members of the regiment in progress. I base coated 5 regiments of 10mm Old Glory and Pendraken miniatures this past weekend. As I can paint these more quickly to get to the gaming table, I will post these as they are painted. I am going to start with IR-2 von Bear as the first 10mm. I will likely do a step by step with the 10mm as well, because when I started out there wasn't much information on painting 10mm out there but now there is even a Yahoo group. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I believe if you click the picture you will get a larger version. I am still learing how to upload images so hopefully they will get better. The color on the picture below is a bit saturated I need better lighting.

In flag news David Linienblatt of said he might make a Cavenderia flag. This is very exciting news as Mr. Linienblatt does exceptional computer graphic work and with the flag template I would be able to print out very nice customized flags. I will discuss design of the flag soon, I do love horizontal stripes.


abdul666 said...

They look really good! Quite deserving to be Die Dame's "own"!
Looking forward to the painted 10mm - and for the Cavenderian colours!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I agree with Jean-Louis. The figures look good . . . and it is so nice to NOT be seeing Prussian blue for a change.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent work on a smaller scale mini with craft paints! I like the colors, too.

CWT said...

A good-looking figure! I'll look forward to more of the same.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

That blue is outstanding - looks very good... the figure itself is very nice as well I do like the look of those Eureka 18's, it's just they don't fit with anything else! :o))

Prinz Geoffrey said...

thanks for the input, I have thought that in historical terms Cavenderia might be able to stand in for Bavaria. The Eureka Austrians are a little smaller than the other SYW lines and don't look too out of proportion with Old glory.

Frankfurter said...

Your skills out shine mine by far ... which is not unusual, alas.
I'm building both a 25+ mm set and a 15 mm set for solitary gaming due to my grotesque isolation, but I realy enjoy seeing what other folks accomplish!
I always ask ... what rules do you like?

Prinz Geoffrey said...

I have to admit I have actually only played one (1) war game of the SYW. We used Sam Mustafa's Might and Reason. Part of the reason I started this blog was to document my growing interest and armies in this period. My group enjoyed Might and Reason, some members have played Age of Reason. I have played Napoleonics Piquet Field of Battle, which has SYW rules, Fire and Fury Variants etc. I currently own and have read, Pro Gloria, Age of Honor, Age of Reason, Brother vs. Brother, Warmaster, has a SYW variant and several others. I am planning on playtesting all the rules in the future and blogging about them likes, dislikes, etc. I have war gamed for about 15 years and have fallen in love with SYW. Oh yeah, I look forward to purchasing BAR soon and some day fielding a Battalion at the SYW association convention is a ambition of mine. What can I say, I like playing war games and will play whatever rules my opponent wishes to play. I am sure that eventually I will develop a favorite rules system for SYW eventually but I am just starting. Thanks for the comments on the blog always makes my day.

abdul666 said...

(Totally unsollicited!) Suggestion for a ‘native’ (white lace) Cavenderian IR : Regiment Graf Carl Gustav.

Graf Carl Gustav was an uncle (on the father side) of Prinz Geoffrey, killed in action while acting as a brigadier. Since he was the protector / patron / godfather / honorary colonel of one of the regiments of his brigade, its Inhaber / real colonel asked to be allowed to change the name of his unit to Regiment Graf Carl Gustav and to change the facing color to black as a sign of mourning. This good man wanted to pay the change of facing from his own purse - of course his homage did nothing detrimental to the esteem felt by the ruling line for him and his family, muttered comments alluded to a 'wise investment' - some people are SO cynical!

Now Uncle Carl Gustav was nicknamed ‘Panzerfaust’ (‘armored fist’) among the military: having lost his right hand during one of his first batles, at the age of 17, he wore a wooden hand covered with velvet (made for him by the master cabinetmaker Jean Danjou) in civilian company, and an articulated steel gauntlet in the field – most believe it was the actual relic from the famous Götz von Berlichingen. Thus a black gauntlet (but on a white shield) was added to (sewed on) the regimental colours.

Cavenderia blue coat and waistcoat, black facings and stock, white breeches, metal = silver (white lace).

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...ah - if you're interested in rules, then I would suggest trying these:

...deceptively simple, yet elegant... no they're not mine, just the one's I use! :o))

Frankfurter said...

as for rules, I of course also support the Koenig Krieg set ... if you can find a second edition, they have bundled together with good campaign rules and excellent siege rules too.
The rules are being republished in a much fancier format by an Australian group ... first set is due out this December!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

I have been watching their web-page and am very interested in Koenig Kreig it is battalion based I believe and that appeals to me very much.

Frankfurter said...

Aren't these fictions we create fun? Love it myself.
Anyway, while K.K. has manuever units in battalions, it is written so that one player can easily control a reinforced division or corps equivalent on the table.
Also, while written for 12 figure and 15 mm battalions, it is easily adaptable. I routinely play with 24 figure battalions myself and many folks use 25+ mm scales in their games.