Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday Morning Game Purchasing

I was in Cincinnati this weekend, when my brother-in-law suggested we take a trip to a favorite gaming store of his. The store was very nice, loaded with Rio-Grande games and first rate from the service to the cleanliness of the store. While looking through some of the older games I found The Campaigns of Frederick the Great, designed by Rob Markham for 3W in 1993. I had not read any reviews of the game but for under $20 I thought it looked promising. The game has the old Avalon Hill table on the back of the box and said that it was "very high" for solitaire suitability so I can playtest it by myself. I asked the owner of the store if they sold over the net and was told that they do not have a web-store were not set up that well to ship games so I will not be able to purchase from them except when visiting the Queen City. They did not even have a business card on hand. This is too bad as it was a very nice store and they are probably missing out on online sales. However, I am very happy to have found a new game to read and play concerning the Seven Years War. My friend Mike has submitted his uniform for the Cavenderia cause and I will be posting pictures of IR-5 Fitzgerald soon.

Above: Image from 3W's Campaigns of Frederick the Great by Rob Markham.


MurdocK said...

Hey cool, I have recently downloaded the Cyberboard game box for that game.

I think it would make a great backdrop for setting up a campaign of battles to be played out on tabletop.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

If it flows nicely, I will probably use it for a Cavenderia campaign.