Friday, October 10, 2008

IR-5 Aurora

The second of the "foreign" troops to enlist in Cavenderia's cause IR-5 Aurora. IR-5 was mustered into service by a here to be named Monte-Cristan Colonel reportedly forced into exile having slain a "better" in an illegal dual over the Lady Aurora. Prinz Geoffrey could not pass up the opportunity to have a regiment formed by this wiley veteran and accepted the Colonel into the service of the Crown.

*Do to the interesting back-story provided by abdul666 in earlier posts, I have decided to rate the command of this unit exceptional as the Colonel was able to obtain some of his Monte-Cristo officers for the new regiment. I will be taking submissions for the name of the exiled officer.

There have been rumours of another Green coated regiment being raised by Inhaber Jung, additional regiments have been requested from Economov, Alt McGill, Jung, McGill, Christie and Redecker. General notes of interest: As soon as I have 10 regiments designed I am planning on printing them out and having my first battle against some paper Saxons.

After our discussions on this blog and I have started assigning regiments to Brigades. IR-1 Die Dame's FuB/IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey and IR-2 von Bear/IR-5 Aurora as far as grenadier battalions the following will be combined as of now.IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey/IR-4 Fitzgerald and IR-2 von Bear/IR-5 Aurora

I will have access to a good digital camera this weekend so I should be able to get some pictures up of the first painted miniatures this next week.
One final note, even though I am making the army of Cavenderia in 10mm and 15mm I could not resist purchasing an Austrian general 28mm figure from to paint up as Prinz Geoffrey just in case anyone out there decides to do another 28mm SYW game and needs some extra minis. I may eventually paint up IR-3 in 28mm for a loaner regiment or to take to the Seven Years War Association Convention next year.

The miniature does bear some resemblance to the painting of General Daun that I use as my Prinz Geoffrey Picture. I will of coarse have to mold a nice sash and may paint the Coat "Cavenderia" Blue.


abdul666 said...

Looking forward for the 1st battle.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmm, given that they are to be brigaded with IR-2 von Bear (and that Jean-Louis has indicated his Imagi-Nation is near Italy), how about Col. Valerio Goldoni for the new regiment?

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Among Monte-Cristans the man uses to be called Jean de Florette - not his true name, and he is known to have used other names. So 'local authorities' here cannot predict under what identity he will settle in Cavenderia...

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Nice write-up on Jean de Florette on the Lace Wars page Jean-Louis. Especially that his dual ended in a boring tie. LOL