Tuesday, October 21, 2008

IR-6 and IR-7

IR-6 Christie

"Cavenderia" blue coat
Buff waste coat and pants
Navy Blue cuffs, lapels and turnbacks
Red Stock.

The Christie family has distinquished itself as honorable and pious, contributing many a son to the clergy as well as the military. The Chrities were one of the founding families of Cavenderia and as such Young William Christie has inherited IR-6 and has developed the reputation as a fair and honost Colonel. However, Young Christie has never been tested in battle and yearns for his first taste of blood. Only time will tell how he will fair and if honor and glory await.

IR-7 Graf Karl Gustav

"Cavenderia" blue coat and waist coat
Mourning black lapels, stock and turnbacks
Yellow hat trim
White metal

The history of IR-7 was detailed by Abdul666 in the comments section of the first miniatures post and is much more elequant than the following summary.

Inhaber Graf Karl Gustav has died. The regiment loved it's leader so much that the Colonel of the regiment requested to pay for the lapels of the regiment be eternally in mourning for the loss of the beloved leader, hence the black trappings.

I have completed IR-1, IR-2 and IR-5 in 10mm but have not been able to secure the work camera to get a good picture. I have also painted the crusador miniature Austrian General on foot. IR-8 Jung is in the works. I believe I am going to make IR-9 look equivilant to a historical Bavarian Regiment but with a Cavenderian history. I will try to get some pictures up soon. I have not heard from Old Glory yet but that is ok.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Well both of these units seem well suited to the Cavenderia army 'look'. Of course my favorite unit continues to be IR-2 von Bear (obviously).

-- Jeff

Jeffrey Cavender said...

IR-2 looks good in 10mm also, first one I finished. can not wait to get the photos up.

Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good as well as unique! Some day we'll get to see some of these in metal or plastic, right? ;-)