Friday, May 8, 2009

Master Cavender

Whoo hooo, just completed my Master's Degree defense. I am now W. Jeffrey Cavender B.A. M.S. My thesis was a paper on Residual Human Health Risk Assessment of previous retail petroleum facility. Exciting stuff I know! With this complete I can now turn some much needed attention to painting 15mm Seven Years' War figures. My birthday is this month and I have put out a list to the friends and family of Brunswick, Hanoverian and British Highlanders. I am taking the remainder of the day off from work and going out to a wonderful dinner this evening. With an undergraduate degree in History, Master's in Environmental Science the obvious path forward is a PhD in Economics to be a well rounded renaissance man. Happy day in Cavenderia, Prinz Geoffrey may found a college of engineers for the occasion. I hope everyone is doing great!