Monday, October 6, 2008

IR-4 Fitzgerald

IR-4 Fitzgerald, provided by one of my local gaming buddies pays homage to Cavenderia's Irish roots. IR-4 has a dark green coat with kelly green lapels, cuffs and turnbacks with a buff undercoat and pants with yellow buttons. The grenadiers of IR-4 have "traditional" Cavenderia cornflower blue hat sacks to help identify them in the throws of battle.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh, I like the two greens . . . it is a very nice uniform.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

I like the combination of darker/lighter green and the yellow. Should make a striking unit.

abdul666 said...

You are steadily building a very pleasant collection of original uniforms!

Now, against the light 'Cavenderian' blue, black facings would provide a neat contrast. The waistcoat could be also 'Cavenderian' blue, to restrict the 'shock' between black and white -and to prevent the uniform from looking too 'AWI to Napoleonic' (white breeches).
The facing could have been chosen as a mark of mourning, in rememberance of the death (on the battlefield?) of a previous colonel / of a member of the ruling family who was the regiment's honorary colonel / 'God - Father'? Then the regiment would be named after this departed character (what could be the title of a Prince's nephew? Count?).

Now pink is not very soldier-like -unless called 'Polish crimsom'- but against 'Cavenderain' blue salmon pink (a desaturated [pink tending to orange]) would perhaps look good. For a change the waistcoat would also be of the facing color. White or light buff breeches?
The color could have been chosen as an homage to a Person (a mistress?) named Aurore ('Dawn'). - suggesting 'Koenisberg' as the regimental name?
Now (while the hues are different), the Monte-Cristan livery uses the light blue / pink association . Maybe a soldier of fortune from the Presipality concluded his successful career in Cavenderia? The two hypotheses are not mutually exclusive -to dedicate a regiment to a member of the Fair Sex would be very Monte-Cristan!