Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the workbench

Could not get the camera from work so took the minis to the office. To the left is IR-2 von Bear in 10mm old glory miniatures. You can click on the photos to enlarge. I have finished painting them but need to add texture to the base as in the picture of the 10mm Austrians in a earlier post. The flags in the picture are just roughs as David is still working on the official flags.

This is my first brigade for Might and Reason it features IR-2 von Bear and IR-5 Aurora. If you look closely you can see Colonel de Florette fourth from the left valiantly leading his troops. The Colonel is from Pendraken miniatures.

First of the Royal regiments IR-1 Die Dame's FuB. I have started this regiment in 15mm in an earlier post.

Profile shot of IR-5. You can see the Colonel a bit better. The official regimental flags will be similar to these, square with a cross, regiment numbers but with an icon of St. Sebastian in the upper left quadrant. Cavenderia blue cross, facing colors for the flag and metal colors for the border.

As soon as Crusador U.S. told me they would ship the miscast figure sent earlier and I did not have to return the first set I painted this 25mm Crusador Austrian General up as IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey. I was not sure how to paint the part of the cuff at the top with the buttons so I painted it to match the coat. I hope to some day do a whole BAR Battalion as Cavenderians but that is somewhat in the future. Painting up IR-2 and IR-4 in 10mm next. IR-Jung is on the way and David is working on the Leib flag. Hope you enjoy.


abdul666 said...

Did not believe 10mm could look that good: compliments!
Monte-Cristo is honored by the attention given to its expatriated son.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Your Austrian general looks great . . . and I like your 10mm units as well.

-- Jeff

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Thanks the 10mm units look really good from three feet, wargaming distance, pictures of 10mm that close are pretty harsh. I paint for contrast from a distance to make the figures "pop" on the table the IR-2 and IR-5 brigade looks really nice together. I forgot to take a pic of the 10mm general on horseback. I will try and get one later.

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent job on both the 10mm figures and the "bigger" guy!
As for what's the right way/color to paint the cuffs - it's your ImagiNation, any way you do it is right.

CWT said...

Brilliant painting work - the 10mm will look great en masse!


abdul666 said...

(Totally unsollicited!) comments about Cavenderian artillery.

*Black powder is dirty*, so artillery uniforms were generally of a dark / drab color. Blue was rather common: France, Great Britain, Savoy… perhaps already too much? Russia used a (rather dark and subdued?) red, and Austria a brownish grey (‘wolf grey’) that evolved to a marroon. Then, what about a mahogany coat? I’d suggest black facings -so that the men could wipe the mixture of sweat and powder from their face with their cuffs, and from their hands on their lapels? Artillerymen often discarded their coat in action (their work was soon exhausting, specially since, because of the recoil, they had to pull back the piece after each shot): thus, following the exemple of the artillery of Geneva (very practical people, the Swiss!), I’d suggest black smallclothes (waistcoat and breeches)….

abdul666 said...

Not a very glamorous uniform, but artillerymen were NOT hussars! Their officers were often commoners substituting 'noble blood' with knowledge of maths and physics - people more inclined to practicability and efficiency than visual panache.
Then, as an afterthought, perhaps very dark grey smallclothes, rather than pure black, to have a minimum of contrast?

Prinz Geoffrey said...

I was thinking gray for the artillary, similar to the Bavarian artillary.

abdul666 said...

Dear Brother Prince,

of course it is *your* army, and artillery in gray is indeed not unlikely. Then, has the Cavenderian army to be a copycat of the Bavarian one? And in our EvEurope, gray is already the traditional color of the artillery of Hetzenberg - even is largely dropped since the WAS for the benefit of a more colorful combination.

All-gray is perhaps too drab to these real soldiers that the artillery crews are: maybe more fitting for second line types - pioneers, army Train and artillery drivers, militia?