Tuesday, October 28, 2008

IR-8 Jung

IR-8 Jung is the second Green-coated regiment in Cavenderia and will be brigaded with IR-4 Fitzgerald during wartime. The regiment was mustered by an "infamous" privateer, utilizing press gangs in the northern coastal region of Cavenderia to supply fresh troops. Previously two (2) companies of IR-8 served as "Marines" in a minor campaign and the thought of converting the entire regiment to Marines for the flotilla has been expressed in the Royal Court. However, the regiment is currently Regular Infantry.

I was thinking I might utilize IR-8 or IR-4 as light infantry or marines. This would however lower the overall fighting force. I may paint up some 15mm old glory figs I have around as IR-8 for a skirmish landing party scenario.

Since I am discussing a possible landing party skirmish scenario, I guess this would be as good a time as any to discuss "Adversarial Protocol". I need an enemy. I have been looking at several imagi-nations that I might enjoy "invading" I thought I might start out by doing some sabre-rattling on the Emporer vs. Elector site, but did not want to offend anyone. Is it ok to "attack" another imagi-nation unprovoked or should I get permission from the author first? Or should I solicite an enemy? Let me know your opinions. I will also be soliciting info on the http://theminiaturespage.com/


abdul666 said...

Of course Cavenderia *needs* an enemy!
Preferably another Imagi-Nation, even if a scaled-down avatar of some historical prototype under an assumed name: Cavenderia wishes, neither to challenge Prussia, nor to 'blasphemously' change our History, I guess?

Generally, players create at least a pair of opponents - each 'ruled' by a different wargamer if a 'partner in gaming' is locally available (e.g. Saxe-Bearstein & Mieczyslaw); or both their own creation if an isolated 'solo' player (most members of 'EvE' belong to this category).

Then I guess another 'ruler' would not appreciate to be 'invaded' -i.e. to have his own campaign modified, perturbated, by an external interference- without his preliminary agreement: he already has his storyline and agenda.

Practically, how do you endvisage the *battles*? I mean, if you play them at home, solo, with some of your minis or paper soldiers to play the part of the 'enemy', your real life fellow gamer / virtual 'enemy' has no control at all over his own troops... may be embarassing, specially when *you* win?

abdul666 said...

A sober, almost severe uniform: very impressive, the soldiers must be dour, determined to fit.
You're right, troops in green are not all 'light' -and 'lights' are not all in green. The Cavenderia Green Brigade look more than apt to hold its place in the formed battleline!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

thanks, I did not think about barging in on someone's story line. I was hoping someone might enjoy seeing some of their units painted up in a different scale or by someone else or maybe someone who does not have a bunch of time to paint. I would have my friend Ray who is a much better general run the "enemy" or through email correspondence.

Fitz-Badger said...

I think Jean-Louis has it right. I have my own adversaries and storyline in mind, but have also participated in some of the EvE "asides" as they did not disrupt my story line.
But maybe some would be happy to go along with your idea. I think it would be best to ask first.

Nice "greencoats"!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I have posted a note on EvE that will hopefully get you an "enemy" or two.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Prinz Geoffrey,

If you don't have 'at hand' a fellow gamer you can physically meet across a tabletop, you'd probably have better to create your own hereditary arch-enemy. Since for a start you use 'paper soldiers' the investment would not be too heavy and lengthy; for ready-made uniforms, well, for instance I sketchily described some 16 whole imaginary Lace Wars armies (# 40 units each) in the various posts (main text and comments) labelled 'uniforms' on the Monte-Cristo blog: feel free to take inspiration there!

When two campaign opponents cannot meet physically, either one has to trust the other to play their encounter solo - and that requires a *lot* of trust, and one of them is deprived of the pleasure of the actual game (& deploying his minis!); or the battle is played by a neutral third party acting as a ‘proxy’ -it has already be done successfully several times in the 'EvE' group -but then neither of the two opponents fields his lovely designed, built and painted army...

One way or the other I'm sure you'll soon field the Cavenderian Might for its first taste of blood.
Happy gaming!

Oldsmoblogger said...

A purposeful-looking crew, to be sure.

Bluebear Jeff said...

On EvE, Murdock has said that he can find an opponent for you once he knows where Cavendaria is located.

You might want to respond to the EvE post so that all know where your Imagi-Nation is.

Where is it anyway?

-- Jeff