Monday, September 29, 2008

IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey

The Prinz's own Regiment IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey. The regiment has lapel, cuffs and turnbacks in the Prinz's favorite color Hunter Green. The coat is in the "traditional" Cavenderia Cornflower Blue with red stock, white undercoat and silver buttons. The pompom is Green with a hommage to Lady Sarafina's Regiment, IR-1, with a light blue top. The grenadiers of the regiment wear the regular infantry uniform with bearskin hats with a yellow and silver lined bag.
I have painted the very first Cavenderia Infantryman from IR-1 Die Dame's FuB and will have pictures up shortly. I am developing a history and geographical location for Cavenderia and will post the history of the Irish Catholic exiles who fled the British Catholic purge and managed to carve out a small dutchy on the continent. I have started toying with the idea of regimental or a national flag and will begin displaying my ideas in a future blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IR-2 in paper minis

IR-2 von Bear translated into paper minis. Templates from

I will need to design a flag both for the paper and lead minis.

Up next IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

IR-2 von Bear

IR-2 von Bear, sorry no umlaut on my keyboard.
The first of the foreign inhabers. IR-2 wears the "traditional" Cavenderia cornflower blue coat with red collar, cuffs and lapels. The vest is a buff with a red pompom and yellow lining of the tricorne with yellow metal buttons. Loud cheers can be heard from Saxe-Bearstein immigrants when IR-2 passes in parade.
I will post pictures of IR-2 von Bear as paper miniatures soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

IR-2 in Paper, my painting style

Printed out IR-1 and mounted for Might and Reason, flanked by a couple of French allie Regiments. My gaming buddies and I have played the initial Warburg Scenario from Might and Reason and enjoyed it quite a bit. I am going to transfer my regiments to 18mm Eureka SYW and a mix of Old Glory and Pendraken 10mm for gaming. Below are a few examples of what I hope to accomplish with my Cavenderia Army.

When I started the SYW period I thought I would try out Baccus 6mm figs for Might and Reason. I was inspired by The figs are pretty detailed for being so small and paint up rather easily. My wargaming buddies liked the scale and purchased some Prussians to fight my Austrians.

Right is a photo of some 10mm Old glory figs painted up as Austrian German Fusilier Troops.

I really like using 10mm for grand tactical. I have used 6mm and 15mm and will continue to use all scales but 10mm may be my favorite.

Left: I read a review of Eureka's 18mm Prussians on and bought some. I am glad I did they look very nice and proportional. I am using their Austria line as the basis for my Cavenderia troops.

Right: Future Leib Battalion IR-1 Die Dame's FuB, 18mm by Eureka.

I will upload images of the regiments as they make their way from paper to metal. I plan on including some step-by-step instruction in future blogs for beginners. Currently I am a big fan of Kevin Dallimore and his painting system. I have been coloring and re-coloring my own regiment but feel that I am almost entirely pleased with the latest version and should have some pics of IR-2 Prinz Geoffrey soon.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday night gaming

Not really a gaming night last night but a brainstorming session. My friend Ray, experienced game desinger, and I playtested a game I have been working on. The outcome was pretty satisifying and I look forward to discussing it in more detail as we iron out the wrinkles. The Dame's FuB have inspired the Prinz to design his regiment in a similar fashion. Prinz Geoffrey has elected to retain the cornflower blue jacket and embelish it with his own style. I will be posting images of IR-2 Prinz Geoffrey very soon. I am currently not in possesion of a decent digital camera therefore I will soon be acquiring a new one to put up some pics of the first two (2) regiments in paper mini and to put up some pics of my style of painting. I have quite a few 6mm, 10mm and 18mm Austrians and Prussians painted up. My first order of Eureka 18mm Austrians has arrived so I will be base coating them and painting up a battalion of Die Dame's FuB later this month. Hopefully I will have a decent camera by then. Being summer it is more difficult to get the gaming group together but we are working on a large SYW game soon. Our local gaming convention Charcon in Charleston, West Virginia is set to run October 18, I am looking forward to it. Last year I ran the first day of the battle of Gettysburg in 10mm, this year the theme is horror so I am at a bit of a loss may still attempt to throw something together.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Die Dame's FuB Regiment has been outfitted

Infantry regiment (IR) 1 has been commissioned by the Princess of Cavenderia, her majesty Lady Sarafina. Lady Sarafina designed the uniform of her regiment lavishing particular affection on her regiment by providing them with leather lapels a cost and distinction unavailable to other regiments. Here now on display for the throngs of admiring tailors is the uniform of IR-1 The Lady’s Foot Guard Regiment.

The regiment is translated to paper below.

I will be uploading some photographs of IR-1 once they have been printed and mounted. The grenadier companies of IR-1 serve as personnel escort to Lady Sarafina and will most likely not be seeing the battlefield.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mustering the Troops

In order to start an army one needs troops. I decided that I would enlist the help of my friends in order to design the uniforms of the army of Cavenderia. I sent out a blank Austrian uniform template from the Not by Appointment blog as the basis for the uniforms of Cavenderia. If you have not been to the Not by Appointment blog you should definitely check it out, the owner does great work and I may commision him to do a flag for me some day. The template is here. I asked my friends to become inhabers of their own regiments, using their favorite illustration program to color in the uniform. I have placed no restrictions on the design so Cavenderia should be a colorful nation indeed. My wife has supplied the first uniform to date and therefore her regiment has been given the designation "Die Dame's FuB" or the Queen's foot, Infantry regiment #1 (IR-1). I will detail her regiments colors and origin later this week.

To get the wargaming started as soon as possible I will be translating the uniforms sent in by the inhabers into paper minis from Junior general makes paper figs for various periods and I have used them in the past to playtest different rules. to the left is a set of German fusiliers that will be the rank and file for Cavenderia until lead minis can be acquired.
Finally, once the battles have started I will be painting up the regiments I have been trying to decide between my standard 10mm old glory/pendraken combination or 18mm Eureka. I will provide photos of each for debate but I am leaning toward the 18mm. I will list the regiments as they are mustered. If anyone outside my circle of friends wants to submit a regiment feel free.