Monday, January 26, 2009

The Letter D

This entry brought to by the letter "D"

D - Diplomats; The second bunch of diplomats is awaiting to be properly attired and dispatched to their various nations. I can not thank Nic from Eureka Miniatures enough for supplying the bulk of the Cavenderian Diplomatic Corp (CDC) with his fun teacup ambassador, pictured. I have detailed on EvE where the new diplomats will be headed and I hope to get to work on them this weekend.

D - Dragoon; To the left are some 10mm dragoons I have started working on. The idea for the uniform is from Tradgardland Master, looks nice rose cuffs and lapels with the green coats. One question, these are Old Glory 10mm figs, what is the sash from the left shoulder? I painted it red but I have no idea what it is, if anyone knows why these Austrian dragoon figs have a sash please let me know. One theory is that they are ACW bed rolls.

Dragoons from the side and some D - dead 28mm Crusader Bavarians in the background.

D - Dungeon or Den; A peek into the dungeons of Cavenderia, my new den in the basement. There are some water issues that will need resolved prior to putting in flooring painting etc. but the room serves my and my gaming friends' purposes. The table in the picture is my greatest hobby purchase ever!!! The table seats 8 - 10 and is about 12' x 4'. The store Gabriel Brothers has a furniture sale about once per quarter. This D - dining room table's legs were not screwed on very tight, therefore customers thought that it would fall over. I tightened the screws and it works perfectly, not even a wobble. Now the exciting part, D - drum roll please, I bought it for $12.50, that right $12.50, D - Dollars, huzzah.

D - Dice boot, my friend Fitz made this great dice boot for my Christmas gift. He built it out of wood and used textured paint on the outside. Works very well, my opponents always roll great using it. I believe I will make a nice tile roof for it and use it as scenery, just kidding, maybe.
D - Dastardly, you can make out a small Bashi Bazouk raiding party trying to carry off my Osprey book.

D - Display, a little shelf I hung up to put my 10mm and 6mm figs up so the cat can not get at them.
D - Discipline, just a fun entry today, need to get back to work on those Bavarians. I need to order some flags if anyone has any suggestions.


tradgardmastare said...

D elightful post Sir !

Snickering Corpses said...

You may have said somewhere already, but what are the two figures that aren't the teacup ambassador?

Capt Bill said...

Yes, who is the lovely lady? It's always a joy to see other gamer's war rooms. Keep up the good work...

Prinz Geoffrey said...

The two in the middel are the governor and the governor's daughter from black scorpion miniatures. When I originally was asking about diplomats Der Alte Fritz suggested the Governor so that is the ambassador for Hesse Seewald and the of course the Governor's daughter is for Jean Louis of Monte Cristo, she will be playing the part of the Duchess at the SYW association convention if Der Alte Fritz doesn't care, he is runnig the scenario.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I think that the sash you mentioned is actually the leather belting to hold the carbine for the dragoon.

By all means, feel free to paint the Duchess and any other characters that you might wish to have in the game.

Fitz-Badger said...

I thought the lady had a bit of the look of a vampire (or maybe just vamp? or it could just be the combination of skin and all back clothing at this point in the painting process...). Very nice work on the faces!

Stokes Schwartz said...

Wow, looks like a great set-up you have going there, and what a table! I have to confess a liking for the mounted trout above the mantle though. Kidding aside, I'll be interested to see your wargaming den come together in the near future.

Best Regards,


Bluebear Jeff said...

Prinz Geoffrey,

One of your ambassadors, Monsieur Dashiell Jeansonne, has sent you a report from Saxe-Bearstein:

Indeed an artist was even commissioned to paint a pair of images of him and a traveler from far Lutelande -- who had terrible news to report.

-- Jeff

PS, the verification word is "oricl" . . . not the proper spelling but sound it out . . . it is appropriate for the message from Nils Norberg of Lutelande.

MurdocK said...

D-efinately a D-esirable location to D-istract you from the D-reary parts of the world that you wish to D-ivest yourself from!

Your ambassador has arrived, some wear on his hair and I plan to cover it with a bit of flat black to match the rest of his hair.

Great work and I will have a little greeting ceremony pictured out, likely over the weekend.

abdul666 said...

D applies specially to Patronelle Danis, the ambassadrix...