Thursday, January 29, 2009


The Cavenderian National slogan prominently displayed on the Leib Flag of each regiment (pictured left) is "Non Cadmus" or translated "We shall not fall." Events of the past few days are surely testing the legitimacy of that slogan.

In a prior post "Brought to you by the letter D" I displayed a picture of a shelf I had installed in order to keep our young cat Bindi, a.k.a. Bin Diesel, a.k.a. Bindi Spears, from curiously batting the Cavenderian army about.

Two days ago, I retired to my painting den and low and behold the shelf and the entire Cavenderian 10mm army were on the floor, I had forgotten to remove a piece of plywood leaning on the same wall, a perfect cat ramp. WARNING: the next image is not for the weak of heart.

IR-Aurora in the after-math of the catastrophe. When the shelf fell it landed on top of several units bending them into what can only be expressed as the first Matrix regiment, note the fusiliers bending to slow time and dodge the bullets of the enemy. Surely this tactic was taught to them by there fearless leader,

The culprit, how can she sleep having wrought such destruction on innocent lead men. What evil lurks in her dark kitty heart.

In staying with our "We shall not fall" theme her is a shot of the Birch tree limb which decided to cut the power from our house. Not a very focused picture but I believe it gets the point across. I am not complaining we are very fortunate that the limb did not hit the house or garage. In retrospect hardly any damage at all, I did a stint working with the EPA in Waveland, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, now that was a massive amount of knocked down trees and general carnage.

Picture of the ice on our plants in front of the house. Mother nature she is powerful, eh!

Did my good deed for the day, my neighbor Dr. Lumpkin, Literature Professor, got her car stuck in a ditch by her driveway. With the assistance of the electrician who was at my house to reconnect the power line to our house mast, managed to get her car out and on the road to university so huzzah.

So we may "bend" in Cavenderia but not "fall" makes stronger veterans.


abdul666 said...

'Aurora' looks like subject to a very strong blizzard or sand storm - but note how the men keep *facing* it!

And Bindi looks so lovely...

Bluebear Jeff said...

Since we have two cats (one of whom LOVES high places), I fully sympathize with you.

-- Jeff

Prinz Geoffrey said...

We have two also, Foster is too fat to get that high up.

Fitz-Badger said...

Another good reason to have bookcases with glass-fronted doors! (keeps my cat from doing any such damage anyway - he did jump up on the table when I was having my recent battle, but stepped carefully and didn't disturb anything!)

Capt Bill said...

Sorry to hear of the damage to such a fine regiment, but please try not to be too upset with your cat. We just lost our wonderful gray tabby Commodore, and he will be missed sitting on my battlefield pushing the troops about...

Der Alte Fritz said...

Regretably it does not seem to be a good day in Cavendaris today. I hope that things get better soon.

Maybe you can gently bend the figures back into an upright position.

Trailape said...

Instead of Bearskin Bonnet for the Guard, may I suggest "CATHATS"!