Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On the workbench

Allow me to introduce the first members of the Cavenderian Diplomatic Corp. (CDC)
You may have seen my thread on The thread was based on a discussion of what miniatures might work as a suitable diplomat and my idea of sending the diplomats to other imagi-nation rulers so they could have a Cavenderian observer at their battles. I am under the impression that most of the people on Emporer vs. Elector play in 25-30 mm scale so I was looking for a fig/figs in that scale. Someone suggested Eureka miniatures. I already have a couple of Infantry regiments in 18mm, which I like, so I was very excited to see what they had in the larger scale. I usually order through their US distributor who is always very nice but this thread attracted the interest of the owner, Nic Robson who I was able to correspond with. The figure with the tea cup in the center and on the right usually is sold as part of a set. Nic broke up the set for me and sent a couple of different versions of the miniature, i.e. the one with the brush on the left. Additionally, Nic suggested the figure below.

This figure is a wig maker, I have removed the wig stand and head. I think he will make a fabulous diplomat. He has a very pleasant demeaner and the fig is nicely detailed. I will probably need to remove the basket with powder at his feet and maybe place something in his hands.

Once painted up I will put a blog on EvE naming the diplomats and requesting diplomatic relations with several nations including all of the Cavenderian allies fighting the Bizerccans and any other nations willing to open diplomacy with Cavenderia.


Fitz-Badger said...

Oh, those are excellent diplomatic figures! Looking forward to seeing them painted up! :-)

MurdocK said...

I say leave the basket at his feet, it could be an ash can from a fireplace.

In his hands I would suggest a bit of green stuff stretched out to make a parchment, slightly folded or curled.

I did a similar action with a 15mm fig of Picton, taking out his hat and putting in a map to use the fig as Kutusov.

Your diplomat would be most welcome in the Duchy of Mieczyslaw.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

I intend to send you one. I will need a mailing address when they are finished.