Monday, November 24, 2008

The Face of the Enemy and War preperations

Bashi Bazooks, I hope I spelled that correctly, spotted of the coast near Spilt. Old Glory (OG)15mm Bashi Bazooks. First Attempt I am working on a somewhat cohesive color scheme. The Bashi captain has quite a fearsome crew on their red sailed Xebec. I have ordered a pack of OG Anatolian troops as well, once painted up the raiding skirmishes will begin.

On the workbench the brave Cavenderians defending the coast. IR-Jung with their "somber" dark green on Green attire. 15mm OG Austrians. I have ordered an additional pack of OG 15mm Austrian firing line. I have been using and have received good service.

Prinz Geoffrey addresses IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey prior to addressing the assembled regiments. Main body of IR-3 is OG 10mm. I really like the NCO with his hat raised that figure is from Pendraken has given me excellent service and I am currently looking to ordering my ottoman Turks in 10mm from them. The Prinz Geoffrey figure is from Irregular miniatures ordered from nice people.

Prinz Geoffrey and a as of yet unnamed general review from left to right IR-1 Die Dame's Fub, IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey, IR-2 von Bear, IR-5 Aurora and IR-8 Jung. IR-2 von Bear has had it's base completed with flocking gel from a nice product easy to use and dye able. I am planning a tutorial on my 10mm process and will discuss more a future blog.

Having fun with the camera.

Don't forget to click these pictures to see insanely up close. Please remember in person these would be seen from about 3 feet.

Finally a marching in column picture.

I have been in bed the past week from out-patient surgery and have been rather groggy. I was able to get some painting in this Sunday and completed the above two (2) regiments. Left IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey and IR-8 Jung. I have ordered some more 10mm Austrians and will be painting up more units when they arrive. I posted on the miniatures page about sending out Cavenderian diplomats and Nick from Eureka suggested some of their figs. I have received them and will post the Cavenderian diplomatic corp when completed. Look for my tutorial on painting 10mm and finally I have asked for some Crusader miniature 28mm to paint up for the SYW association convention in March. I hope to get all of the 10mm regiments based with flocking gel and railroad flocking and some of the regimental flags attached soon.


Herzog Ignaz said...

Fearsome Bizerccans!

The Dey is proud...

Prinz Geoffrey said...

I was hoping he might be. I have 50 Bishi Bazooks and 50 anatolian turks on the way. I have started painting up some more with more stripes and trim on the vests they are fun to paint and should look really good. Thanks again for the idea of fighting turks.

David said...

Hope you are feeling better; thought your blog had been a little forlorn for some time.

We want to see the proper Leib flag in action (and on the blog), by the way! :-)


Fitz-Badger said...

Blistering barnicles! Bashi-bazouks! Iconoclasts! ;-)

I'm amazed at the detail you paint up on these little guys!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

thank you very much. I am very near-sighted.

tidders said...

Nicely painted units. Congrats on the 10mm figs - too small for my eyes to work on

-- Allan

East Riding Militia said...

I've a couple of questions on the 10mm, if you would not mind helping out.
1 - what is the base size on the OG strips?
2 - How easy are the OG strips to split?
3 - How well do OG, Pendraken and Irregular mix?
Thanks in advance

Prinz Geoffrey said...

the base size that the unit is on is 2 1/2" by 1" deep. The actual figs are mounted five to a stand about 1" across and 1/4" deep. The strips are very easy to split I use a pair of clipper and score each side then just bend them apart. I do not own any irregular, they just don't look that good what i have seen. The pendraken mix really well you can see several pendraken figs in the units leaders with sword in the pink unit and the guy waving his hat are pendraken. If you click on the pics is blows up really large and you can see where i cut the stands, it is probably more apparent in the 10mm tutorial. email me if you have any more questions jeffreycavender at gmail dot com.


East Riding Militia said...

Thank you for that. The part I was looking for was the 1" x 1/4". I'm looking at 10mm for my 'small' project for this year.