Friday, November 14, 2008


IR-Owen original Welsh uniform, still worn by the officers and modified Cavenderian Uniform.
The following regimental history was provided by the Inhaber.
"Angered by decades of English suppression of Welsh dissenting religious views, and suffering the traditional plight of a people living under the yoke of occupation, many young men from west Wales had been disrupting the English infrastructure, in Wales, ever since the Protestant Settlement under Elizabeth I. Located on the western shore of the Principality they also fell under the influence of the Irish, with whom they had been trading since, well, since St. Patrick was a boy, and had been exposed to the festering anti-English sentiments present in Ireland.

Hardly organized, but passionate in their beliefs, a group of volunteers flocked to the banner of Daffyd ap Owen, a defrocked Welsh priest who bore a grudge against the Anglican church in particular, but all things English. Secretly funded by the Welsh clergy, who maintained a vested interest in reducing the power of the Anglican Church, and openly funded by the Irish, this ragtag regiment had humble origins. What they lacked in organizational skills they made up for with a ferocity in battle that did not go unnoticed by their enemies. Fighting with the just about anyone who could do harm to their sworn enemies, the English and any of her allies, they represented the anger and lack of interest in living or dying that is often found in a downtrodden people.

It is interesting to note that they were also famous for their passion for and skill at choral singing.

Cymru am byth."
The regiment now calls Cavenderia home and once stating an oath of allegiance to the Prinz the uniform was modified to Cavenderian Blue.
I have one more Infantry regiment to complete and then I will start designing cavalry and artillary. I hope to paint up all 10 regiments in 10mm for my initial Might and Reason army. IR-10 will be based on the uniform of Bavarian Regiment Pechmann and I plan on painting the first Battalion up in 28mm to participate in a big battle some day. I have received a pack of Old glory 15mm Bashi Bazouks and am currently painting them up for a Bizerrcan raid. I will post pictures of them on my next blog.


abdul666 said...

Fine uniform and stirring story. The contrast between the officers and the men will pleasantly add color.
Hope the regiment will never face ignoble foes who would (ab)use this opportunity to do selective sniping...

Bluebear Jeff said...

Might I suggest that their standard be similar to that of Regiment Jung . . . except red instead of the dark green?

(They cannot be all red because that is already in use by Regiment von Bear).

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice colorful uniforms and excellent background story!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

The regimental flag will most likely be like jung with the two colors. I would never allow a less senior regiment to have the same colors as the second most senior regiment in all of Cavenderia.

MurdocK said...

Sorry to have taken so long to respond good Prince Geoffrey.

I normally game/display in 25mm. Much of my collection is older 25mm style with the smaller bodies by Dixon in tricornes. I have many more that I have cast myself from Prince August moulds and some I made myself that are slightly larger around 28mm.