Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off to South Bend

I am preparing to depart for the SYW Convention this weekend in South Bend, Indiana. Putting the final touches on my Bring Your Own Battalion (BYOB) regiment. Having seen the scenario for the battle (English vs. French) I suppose the Bavarians will end up on the side of the French. Although my battalion IR-Kurprinz 1/2 was in the Austrian Axillary Army contingents of Bavaria fought in the Reichs Army that supported the French vs. Hanoverian in the SYW so would make sense. I am also finishing the Duchess figure for the mysterious lady scenario DAF is running Friday night. She is the black scorpion miniature (the governor's daughter) and after the convention will be shipped to Jean-Louis as my Cavenderian diplomat to Monte-Cristo. She is wearing a fairly bright pinkish-violet dress which is out of character for the duchess in her highwayman's garb, however the scenario takes place in the middle of the night and I am assuming this will be her night time attire. I will also have some Cavenderian diplomats with me to hand out to various imagination rulers. The wife is going with me and will be visiting friends in the area so it should be a nice time for both of us. I finished submitting photographs to Dadi @ Piambo and my article should be published sometime after May in their spring edition, I am interested in seeing my article translated into Italian. Mark from Scale Creep called and said that my Hallmark chariot miniature has not arrived yet so may still be a couple of weeks before it will arrive and I can run my first official Cavenderia scenario. Scale Creep is in Cincinnati, Ohio and we are going to be travelling through there on our return trip so I may stop by the store. I am taking my camera and planning on posting many pictures of the convention when I return. I will not have a lap top with me on the trip so the earliest pictures will be next Tuesday. I only hope that my Bavarians maintain a modicum of bravery in their initial outing. Finally here is a picture of me during the Hurricane Katrina response, if you see this guy at the convention please introduce yourself.


Gallia said...

Mon Ami,
We are very happy you and your Bavarians are attending! Please tell me the numeric size of the battalion and anything else you are bringing for the game. A battalion gun perhaps? I'm doing the order of battle for the Saturday game today.

Prinz Geoffrey said...


I do not have you email address so I am listing the battalion here.

54 man battalion (48 fusilier, 6 grenadier)(green troops, need to earn my veteran status)
1 (4-pounder) battalion gun
1 (mounted officer)

you can email me at jeffreycavender at gmail dot com if you need additional information. My plan is to build a battalion or two each year in this scale.


Capt Bill said...

Prinz Geoffrey,
You have inspired me to to ponder reorganizing a brigade to be used in large units. I think my Russians would be the easiest since they already have the same facing. I will post a photo when I work out the details. You are absolutely correct, Reich Duke Wilhelm was snubbed not me. Thanks for your insight...Bill

Martin said...

Hey Geoff,

It looks like the weather is going to cooperate, so have a great time going to the convention, while at the convention, and coming home from the convention!

I'll be looking forward to your post-conventon posts and pictures!

So....the figure of the infamous Duchess is bound for France, eh?! Well...we'll just see what Agent Von Mack has to say about that!



P.S. Thank you for your participation in the Hurricane Katrina clean up!

Fitz-Badger said...

If you're going dressed like that you should be hard to miss! lol
But seriously, folks... I wish I were going! So, lots of pics and details and info about the outcome of the Duchess scenario will all be welcome to those of us following vicariously!

Gallia said...

All set mon ami,
Your Bavarians are in the French Main Body. If you have the Battlegames Special Teaser Issue from January 2009, see The Wagon Train Scenario starting on p. 54.
See you soon!
Its actually called Siege Train or Caught On The Move but it is a wagon train scenario.