Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March in like a lion (Ladik Hussars 15mm)

Presenting my first Ladik Hussar squadron. (15mm Old Glory) Not my best work, but I don't paint yellow and red that often. I now understand why people say Hussars are difficult to paint, the detail on the jackets is difficult to paint cleanly. The final unit is not as bright as the original uniform template, again my red painting ability, but I believe they convey the feel of a wild bunch.

The musician is dressed in reverse colors. During the painting process the end of his bugle fell off and I lost it, so it might look more like a duck calling device but at 15mm not that bit of a deal.

I also painted the musician's horse white, I believe I read somewhere that in some cavalries the musicians were given white horses. I will need to make a standard for the unit. I will need to research what type of flags hussars carried.

View from the side. I like the animation in the horses. After looking at these I will probably go back and touch up the harnesses and horse furniture. The shabraque is in Cavenderian blue to help tie in the unit with the remainder of the army.
Colonel Jalsevich is a leading a march for March. This is the almost completed Prinz's escort for his upcoming trip to Twinj. I only need to complete IR-1/1 to complete the body guard for a scenario planned around the first of April.
Front view of the Prinz's escort.

New angle for my picture taking overhead of the escort demonstrating the various colors of Cavenderia, "royal" white Hungarian regiments, "Cavenderian" blue regular German infantry and colorful hussars. Starting to look exotic but still cohesive.

A Front Rank Figurine colonel for my BYOB Bavarian battalion for the Seven Years War Convention later this month.

Finally a picture of my 28mm Crusader Bavarian Battalion with all of the troops base-coated and mounted on 1" x 1" metal bases. Several of the figs are nearing completion (dark photo). I am gearing up for the final push to complete by the convention. I will also have the Duchess completed for the Capture the Wicked Lady scenario and am working on a Crooked Kobold sign for the Inn model.


Stokes Schwartz said...

You have been busy! Nice painting work there, and I like your hussars especially.

Best Regards,


tradgardmastare said...

Good stuff Sir- excellent work!

Capt Bill said...

Your Hussars are very nicely done. They will make an excellent personal escort. We wish them well!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I also particularly like your hussars. I am especially fond of the paler yellow and muted red that you now have.

The yellow in particular has the look of having been worn in the sun until it is comfortable (I hope that you understand that compliment).

All-in-all very nice work.

-- Jeff

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Thanks for the compliments, next up IR-1 and then a bunch of Anatolians, Sekhans and Djellis.

Fitz-Badger said...

I love the hussars! (keep telling myself "they're 15mm; they're 15mm")
I agree with Jeff about the colors.
I think you tend to be "your own worst critic", as they say.

CWT said...

Excellent Work! I certainly can't see the shortcomings you fret over. Everyone's their own worst critic!


18th Century Sojourn said...


The Ladik Hussars are great and the yellow and reds are fine. But you are right about Hussars being the least favoured to paint. That is also the reason why I refrained from painting Hungarians and Grenzers; barrel sashes, lintzen, etc.