Monday, March 9, 2009

Cavenderian Colors and update

As Cavenderia has developed there have been a few changes to the uniforms and history of the imagi-nation. Conceptually Cavenderia was located in Northern Europe, very catholic and very European i.e. (Hapsburg). However, through correspondence with other imagi-nation rulers, Cavenderia's ultimate location was decided to be located along the Adriatic on the Dalmatian coast. This location has lent itself to my re-evaluating Cavenderian military attire and army composition, adding more elements of "exotic" troops, Hungarian infantry, hussars, grenzer and pandours. The other inhabitants of the Adriatic have provided us with great fiction and campaign ideas, (Morea, Venicia and the Deylicate) and allowed me to paint even more varied troops, Bashi -bazouks, sekhans and my newly arrived Dejllis. I would like to take a moment to thank the other imagi-nation rulers for their input and creativity, this includes those who have contributed uniform, fictional and crafting help as well as inspiration and general friendship. All that being said the Cavenderia's Leib standard needs a change. I am still using the iconography however I am making a color scheme change.

The original Cavenderian Leib standard, the blue and yellow checkered pattern was a tribute to Bavaria, the original nation I was going to mimic with Cavenderia.

Now that Cavenderia is in Croatia, I took a look at the Croatian flag and Huzzah there is a checkered pattern in their flag as well.

So I have made a color change to the Leib standard as a nod to the region that the fictional Cavenderia would be found in, Croatia. I think I even like the red better than the previous Cavenderian blue. This change will only be reflected in the Leib standard and will not effect the uniforms, mainly because I do not paint red that well and have already established units with the blue coats. I am still toying with the idea of replacing the yellow ribbon with a light blue coloring.

In painting news, I spent Sunday painting all of the eyes and flesh on my 28mm Bavarians and worked on the Mysterious lady for the SYW Convention game. I also base-coated the Anatolian Sekhans and Anatolian Dejllis so some Bizerrcan elements will be pictured soon.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I like the new flag better too . . . and your reasoning behind the change is excellent.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Well done sir- fine execution and sound reasoning!

A J said...

I really like the new flag. It's so much of the time we're gaming in. Well done!

CWT said...

A very nice and clever adaptation! Good stuff...