Monday, February 16, 2009

On the workbench

This is my first completed 15mm unit for Warfare in the Age of Reason rules. The minis are Old Glory, the bases are Wargame Accessories 3/4" x 1" metal bases ordered from
Scale Creep Miniatures The flag is by David of Not by Appointment blog fame. This unit was originally going to be IR-Prinz Geoffrey, however I have ordered Hungarian style fusiliers for the Cavenderian "Royal" regiments

Therefore this will be IR-Fitzgerald, originally designed with green coats now replaced with green lapels. I used reverse colors on the Drummer. The picture to the left has four (4)stands, one from the second battalion. Eventually I want each battalion to have five (5) stands but I want to play soon so for now three (3), but I thought it looked nice.
The unit carries the "Leibfahnne" or Life flag as the first battalion of the regiment. I particularly like the accusatory flag bearer, "hey you, yeah you, we're going to get you lads!"
Next up, Cavenderian diplomats in assembly line fashion.

I need some help with these Anatolian Sekhans, part of the Deylicate of Bizzerca's forces. I need some help on uniform ideas for the first three from the left and is that an arquebus the last guy is carrying?

In 28mm "Bring your own Battalion" SYW convention news, I have received my Front Rank Figurines finials from Triangle Miniatures of North Carolina, and my Bavarian flags from Vaubanner Graphics of Canada. // You can see the flags in the background but I did not want to make them too clear in case of copyright issues, they look pretty good in person.

I am trying something differnt with the artillery basing. I have placed each crewman on his base so when they are placed together with a couple of blank bases the cannon can be placed and it will make a nice diorama. I have questions on crew placement. I am pretty sure the crewman are in the proper positions except for the artillery fusilier with the bucket. Let me know if he should be in the front or is o.k. there.

Side shot of artillery crew. All Crusader Miniatures, Wargame Accessories metal bases 1" x 1". I will texture the bases later similar to the way I textured the 15mm bases above.

While purchasing my flag tops, I also picked up the Front Rank Dragoon Officer at the left unfinished. I thought he looked a bit large so I set him next to some Crusader generals. I do not think it will matter as long as I do not mix him in. I thought he looked like the picture Der Alte Fritz posted of the Bavarian General on Emperor vs. Elector blog and may use him as my IR-Kuprinz commander if not he may be headed to Tradgardland as a life-guard member.

Left: Front Rank
Right: Crusader

Finally, played a nice fantasy wargame last weekend, a set of rules my friend Ray wrote and sales at conventions, will have to get a link to it, Wardogs I think. Really enjoyed it, universal fantasy skirmish game you can use any figs you want, so I was digging around my box of misfit toys and found what looks like an elf in a Chevalier uniform with a musket on his back and I have no idea who makes this fig. I bought it out of a pile of lead at the back of a hobby store. If anyone can identify this mini please let me know as I would like a few more for my fantasy stuff. He is a little large probably 30mm.

Another view.

Final note: Things are heating up in the Adriatic, I am currently working with Paul (Deylicate of Bizerrca) and Konstantinos (Principality of Morea) on a Naval battle pitting some Cavenderian privateers attempting to rescue Spyridan Dukas from the Morean feet, probably not a very bright idea by Prinz Geoffrey, I am beginning to worry about his decision making skills.


Konstantinos Travlos said...

For the Sekhans, good combination are

Green and Yellow, Red and Blue, and Yellow and Red. Typically you could give them the same pants, like Jannisary ortas (blue, or red), ad different coats, or the same coats and different pants.

Alternatevly, they could have blue coats, indicating Northern - African influences. Foot wear can be red, green or light brown.
The hat should be red, as this is the usual color for Anatolian.

Weapons should be heavily decorated for all ranks.

East Riding Militia said...

The last figure is probably from the 'Slaughterloo' range by Alternative Armies. Fantasy Black Powder era gaming.

Fitz-Badger said...

I look at your 15mm unit and have to keep rechecking the text. 15, huh? They look so good I keep thinking they must be 25-30mm!
The other minis look good, too. I think that general looks fine, size and maybe more critically style look fine next to the other mini.
I'm thinking ERM is right about the elf cav.

tradgardmastare said...

Most interesting and inspiring figures- keep up the good work..
best wishes

Bluebear Jeff said...

I agree that your painted unit looks good . . . and five stands in a unit would be far superior to only three.

The odd Bizerrican weapon is a "blunderbus" . . . which is essentially a type of shotgun.

However the short widening barrel makes for a very quick dispersal of the shot . . . which would make it a superb "boarding weapon" to clean the decks at short range.

The blunderbus would be useless at anything other than very close range. My guess is that it would probably be quite lucky to do any damage at 25 yards . . . and useless much beyond that . . . but deadly when "up close".

-- Jeff

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Jeff has beaten me too it, but I suspect it may actually be a musketoon?? Don't ask me what the difference is between the two, though! :o)) I suspect it may be barrel length???

Either way, see here:

...from the same article yours looks like no. 9 in this:

Either way - a lovely regiment - I really do like that washed out blue you've managed to get - like they've been on campaign for a long time, with regular washing of the coats on the nearest rocky river edge... really nice!

ColCampbell50 said...

Since no one has commented on the artillery crew placement, I guess I will be the first. I would think that the fusilier with the bucket should be up front so the rammer/sponger guy will have the bucket readily available. I personally would spread the crew members standing behind the gun out some more so they don't get whacked by the recoiling gun after it fires.

But your concept of a mini-diorama sounds very nice. I do something similar although I mount my guns on large fender washers.


abdul666 said...

Indeed the unknown mini looks like one of the Elves of Armorica of Alternative Armies' " Slaughterloo / Flintloque " ranges (Napoleonics with all 'Tolkienesque' fantasy races and a few more) - perhaps one of the Dragoons?
But maybe rather one of the 'Crystal Elves' -the original name of this peculiar range, unfortunately now partly out of production?

Some of those Alternative Armies 'Napoleonic' Elves have imho a good potential for rulers of a "28mm Lace Wars Imagi-Nation". The pointed ears apart (easily corrected, I guess) they look more 'human' than some of the Foundry 'historical' Orcish SYW Frenchs, for instance; and some uniforms can pass for 'slightly exotic' 18th C. ones, specially the Dragoons, Carabiniers , Militia and sappers , and *chiefly* among the Dark Elves the light infantry in caterpillar helmet.
I understand that Alternative armies can sell separate heads, allowing (using bare heads or fatigue caps) to 'convert' other types to a more '18th C.' look?
And their artillery models seem quite pleasant...

I warmly second Fitz's comment about your painting of 15mm minis!


Frankfurter said...

I also notice that your 15's are perfectly based for Koenig's Krieg, which will soon be republished as the third edition ...