Monday, February 23, 2009

Colonel Jalsevic and Trouble near Zigvoz

Introducing, Colonel Jalsevic, commanding officer of his majesty's "royal" regiment IR-Die Dame's FuB.

General Jalsevic is the 15mm Old Glory Hungarian Fusilier Colonel figure that came with my recently purchased pack. He was missing a horse so he commandeered a horse from the Hussar package.

The Colonel in review of IR-2 Prinz Geoffrey and IR-4 Fitzgerald. I am currently working on IR-1 Die Dame's FuB.

Fun picture of the Colonel at the head of a line formation. I am not sure that Colonel figures are used in Warfare in the Age of Reason so I may promote him or just use him as eye candy attached to the "royal" regiments.

Meanwhile near Zigvoz, the first military casualty of the Bizerrcan/Cavenderian conflict has been struck as a members of IR-1 were scouting the route from the palace to Twinj on a security detail and poor Private Culig, who had wandered away from the rest of the company to answer nature's call stumbled across a Bashi foraging party near Zigvoz. Needless to say the Bashi's dispatched him with an arrow and were away before the rest of the company was aware. Upon finding Private Culig's body the company headed to Zigvoz and found one villager dead and livestock taken. Bashi raids this close to the Prinz's proposed route to Twinj have caused an increase in patrolling by the Hussars along the coast.

Poor Private Culig, we barely knew thee.... R.I.P.
I got quite a bit of painting done this weekend on my 28mm Bavarians but nothing complete, assembly line style. In 15mm world, I had to paint up this casualty fig, too cool. I was thinking of including him in the unit proper as this would look dramatic but may use him only as a marker piece as that stand would be useless for parade pictures. What do other do with these type of figures? I will try and put up a design for some Cavenderian Hussars and get them painted this week and I am going to complete the Duchess for the SYW association game and gets some pics up soon.


justMike said...

Our condolences to young Culig's family. War is hell. Great looking regiment though.

Mike - St. Maurice

tradgardmastare said...

Figures looking great...

Capt Bill said...

You have a very nice painting style, keep up the great work! Alas, I fear poor Culig will be the first of many to fall in loyal service.

Herzog Ignaz said...

And so the first stroke of the Dey's vengeance falls upon poor Pvt. Culig.

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent "15"* mm minis, as usual!
*(just kidding about the quotes! ha ha)

I have one or two bandaged guys in some of my units, but nobody caught in the act, as it were. I think your idea of using Culig as some sort of marker is a good one.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I enjoy painting the 15mm can knock them out fairly quickly and can get a little more detail on them than the 10mm. Looking forward to building up the army.