Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hungarian Uniforms for Cavenderia

I have re-designed the uniforms for the Cavenderian "royal" regiments IR-1 Die Dame FuB and IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey. As I have collaborated with fellow imagi-nation rulers in placeing Cavenderia geographically within the Dalmatian coast I thought the Cavenderian army should have a bit more exotic feel to it than originally planned. Therefore here are some templates of the two (2) new Hungarian fusilier regiments for Cavenderia.

IR-3 Prinz Geoffrey is to the left. I received my Hungarian 15mm Fusilier and Hussar packages from two (2) days ago and have since base-coated and applied the flesh, green and white to the regiment including highlighting, I should have some pics up by this weekend. I went with white coats for the royal regiments, I think this will really make them stand out in the battle line.

To the left is IR-1 Die Dame FuB originally designed by my wife with leather lapels, they now have the Hungarian style coat with Cavenderian blue pants and small clothes.

I intend on finishing out the "German" regiments including the internet submitted regiments, i.e. Von Bear, Aurora, etc. before filling out the force with Croats.

The hussar figures I received also look pretty good, but I may opt for Eureka Hussars in the future. Will try and post some pictures soon.

One last thought I am trying to re-evaluate how many troops Cavenderia could field for it's population.



tradgardmastare said...

Looks promising - some super figures ahead I believe...

abdul666 said...

Colorful despite all the white and adequately 'exotic'!
Announcing superb regiments.


littlejohn said...

to second Jean-Louis' comments, I think white with various unusual greens and blues will deliver a very exotic appearance indeed!


Fitz-Badger said...

Looking forward to seeing some painted minis ;-)
I agree, these will be distintive troops.

abdul666 said...

The blue you used to 'paint' the template for IR-1 Die Dame FuB is very different from 'Cavenderian blue' and, if I may, far better (unusual and 'exotic') for the purpose.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I've always liked the Hungarian uniforms . . . I'm glad that you're using some.

-- Jeff