Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Watching the Mailbox

An update on things.

I have ordered some 10mm Austrian Dragoons, 10mm Austrian German Infantry and 15mm Ottoman Sekhans. I ordered them back on 11-21-08 and am still waiting. In the interim I have been painting many Bashi Bazooks and the beginnings of the Cavenderian Diplomatic Corp. I hope to get some pictures up soon and get some of the diplomats shipped out to Cavenderia's allies in the first quarter of next year. I have asked for some Crusader Austrian 28mm to paint up for the Seven Years War Association Convention in March, I hope to attend and bring at least a couple of grand divisions. I have been working on developing the character of Prinz Geoffrey on EvE and he is evolving into quite a bit of a sheepish imbecile, oh well not all monarchs can be heroic. Finally, once the dragoons arrive I will begin soliciting/designing dragoon uniforms. My friend Ray has provided one (1) mercenary troop in yellow coats, I tawt I taw a puddy tat.

In campaign news, still trying to paint up enough figs for the raid on Twinj. The dastardly Bizerrcans are plotting to raid the countryside and it will be up to a coastal patrol of IR-Jung to fend them off. I would also like to solicit anyone who does naval combat to do a battle of the Imperial squadron vs. the Dey's Corsairs. If anyone out there is really into age of sail combat, I would love to have you conduct the naval battles in conjunction with my foe and maybe even develop a Bizerrcan or Imperial captain, Jean Louis is very inventive with fiction so perhaps the story of a Monte Cristan cast away female masquerading as a male first mate under a Cavenderian frigate might be apropos.

Anyway, just an update on what is going on here, oh yeah I have just put my old house under contract and am looking to close by the 19th so hopefully more coin will flow into Cavenderia's coffers. Here is a shot of the new Cavenderian Manor in Huntington. Needs a bit of TLC but that is one of my other hobbies.

Buttresses!!! I actually have a house with buttresses now, can you believe it? They are on the sides of the house as well. Built in 1939 tudor revival home.

One final note, I have been contacted by the editor of http://www.dadiepiombo.com/indexuk.html an Italian/English wargames magazine about publishing my 10mm tutorial in the Spring edition. This is very exciting and quite an honor, I do have to re-work the article a bit and edit it for content and take some new pictures, my sister-in-law is a semi-professional photographer with some incredible gear. I was married in Italy in 2004 so it will be fun for the wife to read my article in Italian. Ciao,


Herzog Ignaz said...

Not surprisingly, I am currently working on assembling the GHQ 1/1200 xebecs for the Dey. I could order the man-o-wars, but perhaps we could orchestrate something online with the Duke of Beerstein, since I (and the residents of still-smouldering Bizercca) know he already has the appropriate big ships.

We would have to negotiate rules, of course. I have "Wooden Ships and Iron Men," "Signal Close Action" and, of course "Pirates of the Spanish Main/Barbary Coast/etc." I believe Beerstein was the one who briefly demonstrated the use of Wings of War, which I have as well, although I'm a little perplexed about using such rules with such a disparity in ship sizes.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Wooden ships is the standard, yes? I think I actually have a copy of that lying about some place that I received for painting some miniatures for a guy. I saw where snickering corpses has some Pirates of the spanish coast stuff maybe we can get him to play. Either way look forward to it. I will try and have the Bashis painted up by new years, one of my local guys did a 25mm ottoman army and is very interested in fielding the bashis to quash the Cavenderians. My friend Scott who designed IR-Jung is very excited in playing his Cavenderians both neutral parties but both very vested in winning. Should be fun. Of course I will have the Bashi player consort with you via email for strategy prior to the actual game. I have got to make a bunch of terrain also.

Snickering Corpses said...

A lovely looking home. My congratulations on all the good things happening for you at present.

Snickering Corpses said...

I do indeed have some Pirates stuff. Which reminds me, I need to find time to work up an after action report of my first game with them.

abdul666 said...

All this is SO promising!

Dragoons in yellow coat are not unlikely: there were French dragoons of every color under Louis XIV, members of a regiment disbanded at the peace of 1713 may have turn free-lancers and a successful mercenary outfit gains perennity. Also, Spanish dragoons were yellow-coated in the 18th C...

A 'Monte Cristan cast away female' is unlikely (we rarely castaway our people), and if discovered for sure she would pretend to be Cavenderian, if French, Savoyard or Monegasque by birth!

Indeed, Monte-Cristo is always in search of first-hand information (" 'We want information... information... information...' 'I'm not a number, I'm a free Bizerccan fisherman!' "). The Presipapal Intelligence Service is women-only (the officially fictitious '366 Wives' - far more numerous, actually) and a woman could not pass unoticed aboard a warship, so... If discovered (not totally to be excluded, even if an expert in disguise, given the... 'mores' of sailors) she would have ready a story sure to move any seaman (a traditional French sea song tells such a story, and this kind of tale is certainly popular on the seven seas): she dressed as a sailor to join on lover aboard. When he was killed (in battle if the Cavenderian Navy fought a few years ago, or drowned during a tempest...), desperate and with nowhere to go, she kept the pretence and, with time, gained some seniority. Of course she would provide the real name and biopics of this lamented lover - missions are carefully and thorougly prepared.


Prinz Geoffrey said...

Great stuff as always Jean!!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Congratulations on the coming publication . . . Bravo, sir.

-- Jeff