Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On the Work Bench IR-Kurprinz

Thank you to the members of the miniatures page who helped me out with the uniform details of Bavarian IR-Kurprinz. I booked my room for the SYW Association Convention yesterday and am planning on playing in the Bring Your Own Battalion (BYOB) game. In my case it will be the first Battalion of IR-Kurprinz. The battalion will be 54 strong with 48 fusilier and officers and 6 grenadiers. To the left is my first attempt at a Kurprinz fusilier. The figure is Crusador miniatures Austrian Fusilier. I still have a few questions on the uniform and may expend some creative license. The musket has metal bands crossing the barrel. My osprey books do not show these bands, should they be brass? Is this an inaccuracy on the model? Some sources list the breeches as light blue and I may paint the breeches blue for some more contrast. I am not that happy with the white either. I may use a dirtier off-white for the small clothes and facings and this brighter white for the straps. One last question what color should the gaiter buttons be yellow to match the coat?

Here is the rear of the figure, I may make the bow on the que blue. Should the buckles on the pack be brass? I may also go a little lighter with the blue but have not decided yet.

To the left is a picture of a general I started working on last night, being inspired by Ionnis' Minden Colonel picture featured on the Minden Miniatures page and the Alte Fritz Journal. I like the face of this model quite a bit, he looks very determined. I am a fan of the Dapple Grey horse so this fellow may get one. I painted the cuffs and facings black per Bavarian Generals but am not sure how to paint the lace on the cuffs and front of the coat, I will have to look into this. I painted the saddle furniture dark blue with yellow outline.

Here is a staight on shot of the face, once again very serious man. I will complete the face by painting the bottom lip a bit more pink.

View from the right.

Closer view from the right. I received a gift certificate from Lowes for Christmas so I am going to buy another lamp today after looking at these pictures. I like the Crusador miniatures and they are affordable for my 28mm stuff. I look forward to posting pictures of the Battalion as it is painted and I look forward to the BYOB game in March and meeting some of you face to face.
Parting shot, a very close-up picture of the general allowing one to se the brushing and painting technique.


Matthew Shaw said...
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Matthew Shaw said...

Excellent work.

Let us hope your Bavarian acquit themselves honorably.

Bluebear Jeff said...

The figures look very good . . . but I agree, put the General on your dapple gray.

My personal preference (and I know that some research suggests the darker blue) is for the traditional lighter "cornflower blue" coats for Bavarians . . . it makes them so recognizable (and not just another Prussian clone) to my mind . . . but it is certainly your choice (and supported by some research).

At any event, I hope that you have a Happy New Year.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Terrific brushwork so far! Will you supply photo updates as the unit moves toward completion?

Best Regards,


MurdocK said...

Your face work is excellent!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Reply thanks, will update as the unit progresses. Grenadiers, Artillary and remaining fusiliers in the mail.

Capt Bill said...

Very nice work! Mindens might be nice, but your choice looks great to me. Can't wait to see the progress of you unit...Bill

Der Alte Fritz said...

Nicely done. I like the blue color on the general