Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some thoughts over the Holiday Break

It has only been four months since I started blogging and creating Cavenderia and I may need a bit of revisionist history. My original history for Cavenderia were irish Catholic immigrants fleeing persecution from the Anglican English and settling on Europa. Cavenderia has evolved to be situated along the Dalmatian Coast, Dalmatia=Cavenderia, works pretty well both happen to end in ia, both are catholic nations and under Austrian rule. However, having read a bit about Dalmatia now I believe I really need to start working on irregular troops, pandours, grenz, Hussars from Twinj etc. The army should have a less organized and more irregular feel to it. I will try to incorporate Venetian architecture and more Italian heritage into the land i.e. the Venetian occupation prior to Austria. Cavenderia has a week fleet and Dalmatia had a strong merchant fleet but relied upon Venice to protect it so that fits. The title Prinz for Geoffrey I believe will still work as a hereditary representative of the Hapsburgs. Just a few thoughts on the story line.

I received 15mm old glory Anatolian sekhans and 10mm Austrian dragoons in the mail over the holidays and a regiment of Crusader 28mm Austrian fusilier regiment for Christmas. The Crusader minis will be the start of Bavarian IR-Kurprinz which I will take with me to the SYW Association bring your own battalion BAR game in March. After painting up some Sekhans I will post them with questions and I should have the first couple of dragoon uniform templates up soon. I am currently ordering another 28mm fusilier regiment (24 figs) (48 fusilier total) 8 grenadiers (I will field 6 in the battalion for a total of 54 figures) and a 3 pound cannon and crew. I already have some Crusader officers on horseback. This brings up a question, on the Seven Years War project page IR-Kurprinz has red stock, white cuffs and lapels, yellow waste-coat and breeches, but in Bile's book the waste coat and breeches are white and the stock black. Does anyone have any additional info on this brigade and where I might order some nice looking flags for the unit.

So my schizophrenia for scales continues with my 10mm old glory for grand tactical, 15mm eureka and OG for skirmish and building up to fight the Bizerrcans and now 28mm diplomats and Bavarians for the SYW Association convention. So much painting so little time. I hope to get some photos up of work in progress next week, ship off some diplomats and order some more. The Alte Fritz has painted up a ambassador to send to me, which is unsolicited and very nice. I believe, and I may be wrong, but this is the first figure painted to represent the new imagination battalions of Hesse-Seewald if so quite an honor. You can see the ambassador Herr Doppelganger on der alte Fritz journal or EvE. That is all from here tonight ciao,


andygamer said...

Don't forget to make the Dalmatian flags a white field with black spots.

Bluebear Jeff said...

First of all, allow me to disappoint you . . . you are NOT the first gamer to have the same army in multiple scales. Indeed I sincerely doubt that you are in the first thousand.

At least you have reasons for each of the scales. I simply did it because I liked the figures . . . and no, I don't think that I was in the first thousand either when I first did it about 20-25 years ago.

As for the uniform colors . . . personally I would pick the source whose colors most appealed to me . . . another use for David's uniform templates . . . but I suspect that the SYW page has more recent scholarship than the Biles book.

That being said, they are your troops, Prinz Geoffrey, clothe them as you see fit.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

I enjoyed your storyline ideas and games discussion too.
You blog has made a super start and will get even better in 2009! Any plans to send other Diplomatic chaps to other imaginations?

abdul666 said...

Irregulars from the Balkan provide tremendous opportunities to let your creativity run free-wheeling!

And you are not restricted to minis depicting such historical types. Era-wise 'exotic' dress changed little with time, at least to our 'Westerners' eyes. Neither are you restricted to this precise area, given for instance the Turkish influence and the taste for 'Turkeries' (re. the Polish 'Janissaries'). Any 'exotic' mini intended for between the Late Renaissance and the end of the XIXth C. (specially in diminutuive scales where shoulderarms are less conspicuously 'modern') x for anywhere between Lithuania and Anatolia * between Spain ('traditional' costume in parts of Italy looked quite like that of Napoleonic 'guerilleros') and Transylvania can be considered!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Thanks for the support and ideas. I am ordering more diplomatic figures to send out will update when I get them in.

abdul666 said...

While firmly condemning 'corruption of minors', I'm a vocal advocate of 'corruption of minis'!