Monday, September 8, 2008

Mustering the Troops

In order to start an army one needs troops. I decided that I would enlist the help of my friends in order to design the uniforms of the army of Cavenderia. I sent out a blank Austrian uniform template from the Not by Appointment blog as the basis for the uniforms of Cavenderia. If you have not been to the Not by Appointment blog you should definitely check it out, the owner does great work and I may commision him to do a flag for me some day. The template is here. I asked my friends to become inhabers of their own regiments, using their favorite illustration program to color in the uniform. I have placed no restrictions on the design so Cavenderia should be a colorful nation indeed. My wife has supplied the first uniform to date and therefore her regiment has been given the designation "Die Dame's FuB" or the Queen's foot, Infantry regiment #1 (IR-1). I will detail her regiments colors and origin later this week.

To get the wargaming started as soon as possible I will be translating the uniforms sent in by the inhabers into paper minis from Junior general makes paper figs for various periods and I have used them in the past to playtest different rules. to the left is a set of German fusiliers that will be the rank and file for Cavenderia until lead minis can be acquired.
Finally, once the battles have started I will be painting up the regiments I have been trying to decide between my standard 10mm old glory/pendraken combination or 18mm Eureka. I will provide photos of each for debate but I am leaning toward the 18mm. I will list the regiments as they are mustered. If anyone outside my circle of friends wants to submit a regiment feel free.


abdul666 said...

Your project is progressing at a brisk pace: cheers!

Fitz-Badger said...

Welcome! Great idea sending out templates and recruiting inhabers! And using those paper minis until you get more solid ones ready.