Monday, February 15, 2010

Painting anything that moves

I have been painting quite a bit lately. Just wanted to share a few pics of what I have been up to. To the left is IR-Owens of Cavenderia. My friend David did a nice write-up on the history of the unit in a previous post. The figures are Old Glory 15mm and I will need to finish the bases soon.

Next picture is of some 10mm Old Glory figs that I have painted up as Reichsarmee for my 10mm project. I will detail these in more depth as the project advances.

Next up a new Cavenderi Hussar regiment, the Economou Hussars. I have not written anything about this unit yet but found myself painting up a nice looking dragoon one evening and naming the unit after my Brother-in-law. Perhaps an ex-Morian commander in Cavenderi service. The uniform is dark blue with light blue horse furniture and yellow trousers and cuffs withwhite chords, bearskin hat with yellow bag and black feathers.

Side view just realized I need to finish the horse.

Left side view with a view of his rifle. Very animated pose for the rider but it does not look as thought the horse is willing to start trotting.

Some 10mm mideival miniatures. D'monyar halbadiers and the Dread Lord Redecker. Some minis I am working on for some Warmaster gaming.

15mm Egyptian Fellah Infantry for my Sudan Blog. Very unhappy with this paint job, but this is a review of what I have been painting not the painting itself. :)

10mm Crossbowman, the McGill Free company of crossbowman.

15mm Battle honor fig, sculpted by Anthony Barton, some of the best looking 15mm figures I have seen. I bought a few packs for Fire and fury and Brother vs. Brother rules. This fellow is a southern veteran skirmisher.

Some Yankees have appeared to get the drop on the old confederate.

All figures Battle honors figures sculpted by Anthony Barton. Mounted on pennys for skirmishing.

Warhammer 28mm Greatsword painted up a Landsneck. I went a little crazy on the amount of ribbons and colors but it was fun to paint. I found this old Albrecht Dhurer post card and used it for the background. I do not usually do non-metallic, metallic painting but gave it a shot on this figure. The sword, hilt and breast paint are all acryllic non-metalic paint. I also was playing with my photo software and made the background fade to black and white.

White background. More photography fun. Settling in to paint a bunch of Fuzzy Wuzzys (10mm Pendraken) for my Sudan blog but will try to stay on task painting up SYW stuff and will try to get some games and fiction in soon.


DestoFante said...

Excellent job on those OG 15mm... my least favorite range, as I found them nearly impossible to paint at my level of skills... congratulations for nailing them down in a grand manner!

abdul666 said...

The Economou Dragoon looks really good -but more like a hussar to me. Yet, given the 'balkanic' cultural background of Cavenderia, a dragoon can well be in 'hungarian' dress there...

So good to see 18th C. such revival of 18th c. Cavenderia!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Next time, try not to take photos against such a light background . . . it tends to darken the figures too much.

Glad to see you painting 18th century lads.

-- Jeff

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Abdul you are correct, what was I thinking, the figs are OG Hussars not Dragoons. For some reason had dragoon stuck in my head.

A J said...

Lovely painting on display there. I sometimes wish I'd adopted 10mm for my imaginations, but I wasn't sure my eyes would stand up to the task.

Fitz-Badger said...

Lots of nice minis! I especially like the hussar and the greatsword/landsknecht. I'm not really a fan of non-metallic metals, but you've done a nice job of it.
(some of the pics are a trifle dark)

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Don't be too hard on those Egyptian Fellah - I think they look really nice...

...and as for the landsknecht.... whew is all I can say!! :o))

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Cavendaria - you're either spamming and you don't know it (virus??), or spamming and you do know it.. but either way you need to stop it.. every single comment has some spam in it... looks like your blog has been hacked.. :o)

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