Monday, June 22, 2009

Duc de Brissac and IR-Bourbonnois

I was able to do some painting yesterday and have added another general to the French forces for my western theater scenario.

To the left is the Duc de Brissac, Old Glory (OG) 15mm Seven Years War French General. The Duc will be leading the French cavalry so I thought this very animated miniature would suit him well. He is based on a metal washer which had renaissance ink flocking gel and regular flocking gel and static grass added.

Here is a view from the side. I spent a little bit more time on my general figures, adding eyes and concentrating on the lace etc. On this miniature to add a little more contrast I added the stockings showing above the boot and put him on my favorite horse to paint, the dapple gray. French generals did not wear specific uniforms so the idea for this uniform is blue coat as most infantry and the rest from a nice site, I can not recall the link at this time.

The other side of the general you can make out his yellow waste-coat and some additional gold on the cuffs. For an experiment I tried a green gray highlight on the horses reins, I think it looks nice, I will probably use this more often in the future.

What is a cavalry general without cavalry? Therefore the next unit I am painting are some Curiassier Etranger, so the Duc will not be lonely.

It has been suggested, jokingly, that I have miss labeled my miniatures as 15mm when they are actually 25-28mm. Here is a side by side with a Front Rank Austrian general for comparison and legitimacy :) Although technically speaking with enough photo-shop tweaking one could manipulate a 28mm figure photo :))

I have completed painting IR-Bourbonnois who will be under the command of the formerly photographed General Chevelas.

I enjoyed painting the drummer in his royal coat. I have not completed the basing on the entire unit when I do I will post. to the left is a sneak-peak of the unit. I am not certain that I am completely happy with the leather belts, oh well plenty of French to experiment with.

Another view of the infantry with a better shot of the chain lace on the drummer. I went with an actual metallic gold for the trim of the tricornes per Mr. Protz recommendation. I really like the blue on the drum and wish the regular infantry had a bit more color, oh well, such is life.

A side-by-side photo with a 28mm Bavarian drummer for scale reference. The 28mm drummer is Crusader and part of my Bring your own battalion that fled on turn two at the SYW convention this year.

The wife has to work this weekend so I may have a greater painting output than usual and should have an update on the attempted rescue of Spyridon Dukas for the Adriatic campaign early next week.



Capt Bill said...

Your painting style is very pleasing and certainly gives your figures a real 25mm look. I love your dapple gray horse, I've never been able do one to my satisfaction...

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent work on the general and his horse! And on the other minis as well! Even your 54 mm (I mean 28mm!) minis look great. ;-)
I find dappled horses tricky to paint, too. Reference materials can help a lot.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

54mm, arghh :)) I will have to break out the ruler next time. "Your honor, as you can plainly see there is a ruler depicting the scale of the miniature in question, it is clearly apparent next to the bigfoot."

Thanks for the complements.

tradgardmastare said...

Great work!

A J said...

A delightful effect. I especially like the advancing infantry, they have a purposeful look to them. I envy your ability to paint dapple grays. My own efforts aren't bad but I find them hard to do.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Perhaps a tutorial is in order? How to paint dapple grays.

Fitz-Badger said...

A tutorial on how you paint dapple grays would be great!
The Foundry Painting book has a brief description of one way to do it, which I try to follow (not sure how well, though! lol). I'm sure there are other tutorials somewhere, but another one by someone who does a good job and likes to do it might prove useful and instructive.

Frankfurter said...

Heck, your 15's are painted to higher standard than my 25+'s!!

There's envy ...
and then there's despair.

Great job!
Obviously both talented and loving the painting of figures.


littlejohn said...

Lovely work indeed! and in 15mm...!!!

Gallia said...

Bravo mon ami!
Votre serviteur,
Bill P.