Monday, May 10, 2010

Murder of Chief Cornstalk

I will be travelling to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, about 1 hour from my house, this weekend to watch the re-enactment of the murder of Chief Cornstalk of the Shawnee. Point Pleasant was the site of the largest battle of Lord Dunmore's war fought on October 10, 1774 and argued by some historians, myself not included, that the Battle of Point Pleasant was the first battle of the American War for Independence (AWI). The basis for the argument was that Lord Dunmore, Tory Governor of Virginia, was actually in league with the Indians and instructed them to attack the Virginia militia under Andrew Lewis at Point Pleasant while he delayed his wing of the Army en route. I will be filming the activities and taking photos. I may also be inclined to plan a skirmish game around the event. In painting news, since the weather has turned warm I have been doing a great deal of gardening and outdoor work, not much painting production. I have purchased some Perry Miniatures English Civil War figures and have been painting British Colonial Sudan Pendraken 10mm figures. Hopefully I will get back into painting up the Cavenderi troops again soon. I will have a report of my travels after this weekend.

The picture above is of the town's flood wall painted up with the history of Point Pleasant.


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A J said...

It sounds like it would make for an interesting mini-campaign. I'm looking forward to your report and pics. Good luck with the English Civil War figures. It's a period I wouldn't mind getting into myself, having fought several games at my old club using Armati rules. I'm also horribly tempted by Peter Pig's 15mm Sudan figures, but that's another story... ;)