Friday, October 9, 2009


Have been neglecting the blog for a bit. I have started a new weight loss blog and have been updating it daily with exercise, diet, etc. Blogs tend to focus me and allow me to set goals. So here are a few goals for this blog.

1.) Weekly posts at a minimum.
2.) More Cavendarian painting, I have been painting up ACW and medieval 10mm lately
3.) Start working on some terrain
4.) Complete more Cavenderian fiction
5.) Finish the movie of the Reich Dukes visit, old news now but need to complete.

As stated above I have been painting but not SYW, since my trip to Gettysburg I have been painting 15mm Battle Honor ACW and I have been working on some 10mm Old Glory medieval halberdies for a game. I have a new pack of 15mm SYW Austrians ready to paint up as Infantry Regiment Christie so hopefully more Cavenderian units are on the way. I also hope to put up a tutorial on how I paint 15mm figs per a couple of requests. Finally, I need to start planning what 28mm regiment or squadron to paint up for the 2010 SYW convention. I have been enjoying reading all of your blogs in the interim and hope to start contributing again starting now.

One last note, after hearing a newsman refer to Somalian pirates as Somali, I am wondering if the plural of Cavenderian peoples should be Cavenderi.



Matthew Shaw said...

I thought you had your heart set on the Taxis Cuirassiers.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

After reading I do not think that they actually fought in a battle just garrison duty so I was thinking maybe another regiment of IR-Kurprinz to flesh out the whole brigade or another Curiassier regiment or both. One final thought was that I would redo the flags in Cavenderian and add a Cavenderian Regiment or Squadron.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I like "Cavenderi" . . . it has a nice sound to it.

-- Jeff