Monday, July 13, 2009

Royal Etranger

Presenting the Royal Etranger "heavy" cavalry unit. I have read that the French army utilized the usual variety of cavalry, heavy, light and elite (Gendarmerie de France), the Royal Etranger troops are reported in my scenarios as "armored" so I am assuming they were Curiassiers.

The regiment was originally formed in 1659 from several foreign regiments, hence the name, but was thereafter mustered from Frenchmen. The uniforms are blue with Aurora epaulets and red cuffs, lapels and turnbacks. This seems to be the standard uniform colors for most "heavy" cavalry with gentlemen regiments wearing red.

The lace around the horse furniture is aurora with a red diamond pattern with white diamonds. I just dotted the trim with white dots, adds a little detail. I used a paper flag from I need to do some research on dragoons and hussars as some units appear to have worn bearskins and Mirlton hats.

A picture of the unit in column, I added the lace on the musician and tried to vary the brown on the horses.

Picture of General Duc de Brissac leading the Royal Etranger and Cavenderian Ladika Hussars.

Cavenderian units will serve as the foreign regiments in French service. Pictured left infantry regiments (IR) Bourbonnois, Fitzgerald and Prinz Geoffrey. General Chevelas and Colonel Jalsevic.

Growing French army. Up next IR-Rouergue, IR-Die Dame's Fub and more artillery, plus the overall commander of French forces, General Guerchy with his Aide-de-camp and maybe some Hessians.

Completed building this Hallmark coach for the Reich Duke and King Basil's upcoming visit. Need to paint it up. I was wondering if someone could tell me if I had the horses in the correct position by their harnesses. The model was bit tricky to assemble requiring some drilling but should be fun for photos. Finally, have played the naval rescue of Dukas scenario and should be able to report that soon in a fiction.


A J said...

Delightful figures, sir!

Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm deeply admires your new units and can't wait to test ride your luxury coach...

Der Alte Fritz said...

All French heavy cavalry regiments were actually "regiments of Horse" and all of them wore iron cuirasses underneath their coats. The dragoons were light cavalry employed for scouting and did not wear cuirasses, ditto for hussars. Only the Cuirassiers du Roi wore front and back plates outside of the coats.

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent minis as usual!

David said...

Very attractively painted figures. :-)

The horses look in about the right positions to me, from old prints I've seen. I'll try to dig out some images I've collected off the Net.