Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hallmark Coach

My hallmark coach arrived from scalecreep miniatures yesterday. I have my camera this week but no way to download until next week, I will be in Columbus, Ohio for the week. Look forward to assembling and painting it prior to the Reich Dukes visit. Spent an enjoyable evening last night play testing a set of rules my friend Ray is writing. The rules will cover ancients to Colonial. Ray originally wrote the rules because he had so many 1/72nd sets of miniatures he would pick up on a whim and wanted to generate a system to use them all. It is a nice game, troops deteriorate throughout the game starting fresh and slowly become exhausted. There is no turn sequence with each side activating a couple of units then back to the other side. As you activate units they become fatigued, disordered, etc. Anyway, had a great time, good snacks and good friends to play with. I will try and get some pictures of the new coach and some of the anatolian sekhans and dellis I have been working on. Short post tonight as I am quite tired from working around the house all day. Hope everyone is doing well.



Capt Bill said...

Sorry for the delay on the naval battle, but our group is involved in a 7YW campaign and getting the group to change has been difficult. I'll keep pushing because it really looks interesting.
Best regards, Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...

As for your friend's rules, the most important thing is that you had an enjoyable time. Since you did, the rules work just fine.

-- Jeff