Monday, January 15, 2018

 At a local gaming event I met Jacob Fathbruckner of Iron Wind Metals he ran a demo game of Chaos Wars a free set of wargames rules from Iron Wind and Ral Partha Miniatures. We had a great time playing and I asked if he needed any additional minis painted up for demo games. Jacob said I could take a crack at the half elves faction. Here are some photos of the figures I am sending off to Iron Wind.

A group shot with the blonde wood elves and red and white motif. Models are 25mm with nice animation and heroic posing. 

A closer shot of for more detail. The regiment has figures from the historic Ral Partha fantasy range and will be available for purchase through the store. The figs come with various levels of amor and weapons. 

First two figs are duel wielding with light to medium armor. They remind me of war dancers. 

Rear view of duel wielding halve elves. 

Single weapon light armored female figs. These girls spend some time in the gym.

Rear View of female single weapon fighters.

Heavily armored sword and board half elves, the fig on the left might make a nice Jamie Lannister.

Rear view. 

Heavy armor with helms. 

Rear view.

Medium armored sword and board. I did non-metallic metallic (NMM) paints a newer style for me. 

Rear view of medium armor sword and board half elves. 

The minis are well sculpted with little flashing, metal figs with good animation and posing. Overall an attractive unit for your fantasy gaming. Please check out all of the Iron Wing Metals Chaos Wars figs at their website in the link earlier in this article and thank you to Jacob for brining this line back into production. 

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